Monday, October 26, 2015

Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls

The plague has lovingly made it's way through my two boys (green boogers, pink eye, ear infections, you name it, they had it) and then my husband and now me. Thankfully I have some time before my half marathon, two weeks from yesterday to be exact. Still, getting sick is no fun. At least we aren't all sick at the same time. Boys are on the upswing.

My husband, however, good lord, you would think he was dying with the amount of laying around and barely surviving he's doing up in these parts.

I have not patience for that.

Part of it stems from, well, shoot, who has time to lay around? And the other part, I am one of six kids, so my mom had not time for that. We had to be SICK sick to go to the doctor, or missing a limb. Hubs is an only child so when he was sick, well, it's pretty much like he is now except, see above. Mama has ZERO time for that.

I decided to fore go running with my plague zombies on Saturday. Weather was crap anyway so it was a good excuse to hold of until Sunday.

On Sunday the weather was much nicer, but the zombies were also feeling better. We spent the day doing running around, entertaining zombies who might have been feeling better but were cranky butts because of their lack of sleep (stuff noses + toddlers = crap sleep), and just getting stuff done. By the time I managed to get in any time to run it was four in the afternoon. I had dinner in the crockpot so I had about an hour and a half to get in as much running as I could.

the good news, I run much faster without the jogging stroller. The bad news, I only ended up going 7.5 miles. I was supposed to go 11.

Hey did you see that? That was my training plan and speed goals flying out the window right there!

Yes, I know, I don't run to be super fast. I run because I genuinely love it. But, man, I had such high hopes for this training cycle.

I will shake it off and focus on my next one.

Speaking of my next one...I have been pondering a full marathon. Yes, I know I am nuts. And yes I know a full requires so much more TIME for training. But, I have been thinking if I get up earlier on the weekend for my long run I can potentially fit in some major mileage and only miss a little bit of the morning with the boys. Like I said, this is just pondering. We'll see how I feel after taking the winter off from training. I plan on running still, but not sure I will go with a training plan.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sorry everyone is so sick! I have to laugh at your hubby because mine is like that too but he isn't an only child either. I think it's a man thing. :)

    Hope you all feel better asap and a full marathon! Ahh! You are brave for even thinking it!

  2. It is awful when every starts feeling just well enough after their colds to be a pain in the butt. Why are men such babies when they're sick? Ugh :)

    I have to laugh at the marathon. When I first started training for a half marathon, I told Darrell to have me committed if I ever decided to run a full and now I've progressed to the point that I'm thinking about doing a full to celebrate turning 40 in a few years.

  3. Sorry the funkies have hit your house, but like you said better this week than in two weeks. Hopefully, everyone recovers quickly and completely.

  4. Sick kids (and sick husbands!) are no fun. My hubby's the same way... he gets a little cold and you'd think he has the plague!

    I am seriously impressed and inspired by you every single day! If you want to do a full marathon, girl, I know you will do it!