Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Put a Spell On You And Now You're Mine

Speed work sucks.

I am all about the honesty here, so I'm just telling you how I really feel. Speed work sucks donkey balls.

The weather last night was flat out perfect for running. It was cool enough, in fact, that I work a jacket. I didn't really need it, but I like using the pockets.

Last night was a tempo run. I did my first easy mile, felt pretty good, then switched my intervals to 1:30 run/ :30 walk for the two miles tempo. I didn't do the track this time, figured running through the neighborhood would be just as good.

Those two miles sucked. I felt terrible. I felt like I was busting my ass the entire time and didn't have much left to give. I honestly have no idea how I am going to maintain a similar pace for a half marathon next friggin' month!

It sucked but I got it done.

Post-run headlamp selfie!
And now it's October. The summer seemed to drag on, what with the heat and the humidity and the more heat. Then September flew by. The Lovely Ladies Losing It weight loss group I am in is doing a food related October challenge. We all picked our own goals and shared them with the group. A lot of really positive goals out there!

For me my goal is pretty simple: First, stick to just eating my daily WW points without going over. Unless it is a high activity day, like a running day. I have been losing weight by veeeeeeery slooooooowly and I've noticed I have gone over on my daily points almost every single day. I use Activity Points and Weekly Points and don't go over on those, but I wonder if I stuck closer to my dailies if I would lose weight a little faster? Second, related to the first, add an extra serving of fruits or vegetables to every meal. Fruits and veggies are 0 points on WW and by adding them to my meals it'll help me stay within my daily points range.

While yesterday wasn't yet the first day of the challenge, I had to share my lunch.
That is homemade cabbage and veggie soup, frozen vegetables, and a honeycrisp apple. It was delicious and filling!


  1. 2 things: 1) I love your face in that selfie. 2) I've never had a honecrisp apple (that I know of). I should try one. Oh, and 3) You are going to CRUSH your goals!

    Okay, so I lied. There were 3 things.

  2. That's a great looking lunch full of produce! Great job!