Monday, October 5, 2015

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

On Sunday we had our first family race. After the 5K I ran back in September and let the boys run across the finish line, I've been keeping my eye out for any race with Kid's Run. There have been a few but most of them are a mile, which I know would be hard for my guys. My mother-in-law found one for us without even realizing it. She noticed a run in the paper, clipped out the article for me since I am always looking for a race for myself. I read the article and saw there was a 1/2 Mile Kid's Dash and figured, what the hell, let's make it a family thing.

Trick or Feet had the option of a 5K or 10K. The course was at a state park, on their paved trail, so we didn't have to worry about traffic at all which was nice. I signed up for the 5K since I ran 5.25 on Saturday (should have been nine, but we had a busy day) and my legs were somewhat tired.

It was a very small race which was great. My only issue is as a small race the start wasn't super organized. It was a walk/run race, very inclusive of runners and walkers, but no one made any announcement telling the walkers to head to the back of the starting line. I ended up in what I thought was a good spot, behind runners but in front of walkers. HA!

As you can see from this picture Hubs took just as I got over the starting line the walkers did not get the memo to start at the back.
I had to weave in and out of the crowd for most of the first half mile. At one point, I just gave up and walked since it was easier. Hey, people who are walking or running with friends, as much as I am sure you want to walk right next to your best buds it is super rude to walk four in a row across a narrow trail and block people trying to pass you!

It was a little chilly at the start, but the course was in the trees for a lot of it, so it actually got kinda warm. I had to take off my jacket at one point since I was getting so warm.

After the first mile, the path opened up and the crowd thinned out and the race was a lot more fun. The boys did great, aside from the occasional wrestling with their brother because "he's touching me!". Hubs was waiting in the car but realized he could see part of the course so he headed over that way and took some pictures.
He figured he had time to make it to the finish and kinda strolled over there. What he didn't know was the path to the finish line was pretty much downhill. My option at that point was to sprint to the finish or let the stroller go and let the boys finish on their own. HA!. There was also a man running with a single jogging stroller ahead of me. I was feeling the finish and thought, well there is no way I'm gonna let this guy beat me. I kicked up the pace, and smoked him. Double jogging stroller for the win!

My pace ended up being really good. I finished in 36:12, only about two minutes slower than my fastest, non-jogging stroller 5K. I figure I would have been even faster if not for the crappy start, but what can you do?

After that, we had about forty-five minutes to kill before the boys had their Kid's Dash. There was a lot to do, they painted pumpkins, buried things in the dirt, ate chocolate. We put their dinosaur costumes on, it was a Halloween themed run, and got them all ready to go.
Hubs ran with C. and I ran with A. for the first part, then we switched.
Moving so fast he's just a blur!
A. ran the whole race carrying his truck
My little running dinosaurs
A good amount of people hung out at the finish line to cheer the little ones on. My two guys finished last, but had so much fun running it I have a feeling this is the first of many races for them. Someday they're going to be way faster than me so I will enjoy the races where we hold hands for as long as I can.
With their first medals!
It was a great race, very family friendly. If they do it next year we will be there! What a great way to end our weekend.


  1. What a fun little race! (I love their hoodies too!) Glad y'all had a good family run!

  2. That looks like so much fun! You are such a great mom for getting them out there and teaching them that being active is fun! And totally feel ya on the walking 4 abreast, it's like, come on people.

  3. YAY!! So glad your boys love to run. It'll be a bonding event in years to come.

  4. I love the dinosaur outfits! O loves kids races, especially with a medal at the finish. Great job getting your whole family out and moving!

  5. What a perfect family outing! Your boys are the sweetest. Spoken like a true mama - "Someday they're going to be way faster than me so I will enjoy the races where we hold hands for as long as I can."