Monday, November 2, 2015

And It's Hard to Hold a Candle in the Cold November Rain

In less than a week I will run my third half marathon of the year. I am hoping for nice weather. That's not asking a lot is it? So far weather is looking like 50's and sunny which is spectacular for a November race. Fingers and toes crossed!

I have had some slight knee issues since Saturday. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I actually tweaked my knee chasing after one of the guys while we were trick or treating. Yep, I'm a runner.

I didn't get my six mile run in this weekend. I planned on doing it Sunday but my knee was tender to the touch and I winced when I bent it so rest it was. It's better today, but still touchy. I'll see how it feels tomorrow morning, then do my planned three miles.

We had October goals over at my Lovely Ladies Losing It group. I did alright with them, totally crushed my plan of eating a ton of vegetables. Funny thing, I am just now getting into 30 Rock (YESSSS NETFLIX!) and there was an episode where Liz leads a life of luxury while on paid leave and she says something like, "Working out, eating right, bm-ing like a rock star!". I had to laugh at that because it is so true! Yay veggies!

And now it's November, oh hi there November. We are supposed to have a mild winter here in Michigan which means my running should hopefully not suffer too much. I have my eye on some spring races. I'd like to join Half Fanatics. I'd like to run a half marathon out of state. I'd like to meet up with some online friends in real life. Yep, I think 2016 is going to be a pretty awesome year!
Getting ready for some trick or treating!


  1. Whatever half you run in Oregon, I'll be by your side lady! Hope that your knee feels better soon!

  2. Florida is a great place to visit during winter and we have some great half marathons. Just saying :)

  3. ^^ Louisiana too. :) Hope the knee is on the mend asap.

  4. I hope your knee is feeling better soon!

  5. Yikes, I hope that knee gets better quickly! Speaking of embarrassing injuries... when I was 15, I was home alone and dancing like a nutcase and fell and sprained my ankle pretty badly... I was so embarrassed, I told my parents (and later, the ER doc) that I fell down the stairs :P

  6. Those sound like great goals!! But you make me feel guilty because I have NO goals, lol!

    Love the picture!!