Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Slow Down You Move Too Fast. You Got to Make the Moment Last

Instead of running yesterday I listened to my knee and went for an after dinner walk. It was already dark by the time I left the house and headed up to the library.

I was thinking of Anna on my walk. Usually when I run I see things and think "oh neat I should take a picture of that" but then I am usually on a running interval and not a walking interval or a good song is on and I don't want to stop and I end up missing a photo op.

Not this time.

With two little boys who love all things construction, I am always on the lookout for construction sites. Our city is slowly going through and updating terribly outdated sewer lines. It's a long process that involves lots of work. We live in a small enough city we've been able to walk the boys over to the various spots. Finally, they are working on a street just a few blocks from us. I made note of the equipment so I could let Grandma and Grandpa know about it. At first I was surprised they were working so late. Then I realized it was only seven.
I was using a flashlight and on my way to the library I noticed how pretty the snail trails looked sparkling on the sidewalk. Weird, right? Funny story, my mom lives in a very old house, built in 1902 old. The basement is weird, not quite a root cellar but not quite an actual basement. On one of our first nights there we noticed a couple of gigantic snails appear on the landing leading to the basement. It was so neat! Snails don't freak me out and they only showed up at night, like they were just popping by for a visit. When I saw the trails on the sidewalk I had to stop and look for the snails.

Pretty small compared to the our "pets" but still cool.
After my walk I ended up working out in the basement. I am super, super into The Great British Bake Off. I watched that while I worked out. It's such a good show, with zero drama. I mean there's baking drama, but zero "I hate that contestant" or "I'm sleeping with their husband" or whatever kind of drama. Plus, it's British so they call baked goods different names and they all sound very fancy and I love it.

And finally, with the upcoming holidays my Lovely Ladies Losing It group has come up with a 24 Hours of Fitness Holiday Challenge. The goal is to each individually get 24 hours total of fitness by 12/25. We started yesterday, which gives me 54 days to get in 24 hours total (1440 minutes). If I work out for 30 minutes, I need to do that for at least 48 days. It means we have a little bit of leeway on that, but also, if I work out for longer than 30 minutes I am just banking time. I made a fancy (for me) spreadsheet to help us all keep track. We're also going to do a Virtual Thanksgiving 5K which I will make a separate blog post about. I'll invite all of you to join, too. I'm thinking prizes!


  1. Sorry the knee is still tweaky. Ohh is the Great British Bake Off on BBCAmerica? I love shows like that too. I need to find it.

    And can I just say that I LOVE OUR CHALLENGE AND OUR FB group! :) We rock!

  2. Our facebook group gives me warm fuzzies :)

  3. I virtually and for real love my "Ladies"!

  4. Sorry the knee is still bugging you. I wish I felt comfortable going for evening walks in the dark; I'm okay when it's early morning, but for some reason I just feel like more unsavory characters are out at 7pm vs 5am (at least in New Orleans anyway!).