Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Won't You Get Hip to This Timely Tip And Take That California Trip?

My half marathon is in three days and thirteen hours.


I am not exactly feeling undertrained but I am feeling nervous. Which is dumb, right? It's not like it's my first half marathon. It's just I'm not familiar with the course. And I won't know anyone there. And I'm working on a lovely cold. And...well, I could keep going but I won't bore you with every little detail running through my mind.

One thing, which I absolutely can't control, the weather, is actually working in my favor. It's supposed to be 52 and sunny on Sunday. When the half starts at 9AM weather should be PERFECT for running. In fact, I need to go get new running sunglasses (thank you Wreck-It Ralph (aka one of my sons) for breaking them). I got them at Target for less than ten bucks, I should be able to replace them. I also need a new running hat since my has disappeared into the ether. Of course once I buy my new hat odds are the old one will show up.

I am just rambling here because I am nervous.

I am starting to regret this half marathon. Race is capped at 1000 participants which means it's a small one. Last year less than 400 people ran the race. If I ran my slowest pace of the year I would finish at the bottom, with basically 10 or so people behind me. At least according to last year's results.  I am looking at a lot of lonely miles.

Yep, whoa is me. Whine, whine, whine. (Ha I first spelled that "wine wine wine" and couldn't figure out why it looked weird)

Alright, Debbie Downer, let it go.

Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore.

You're welcome for that ear worm.

2016 is fast approaching. I am passing on the marathon next year and instead focusing on some fun half marathon runs. I've put the word out to my Facebook friends but figure I will do it here, as well. Looking for some recommendations for non-Michigan half marathons. I am looking for a somewhat cheaper one, so maybe not the Nike Women's Half or a Rock and Roll race series (hey 100 bucks for a half and that's registering EARLY). If you know of one near you that you love or everyone in your town loves and it's a fun course, let me know!

And now I carb load. Nervous eating counts as carb loading, right?

I kid. A little bit.


  1. I know you wanted non-Michigan races, but this one is in Michigan - up in Frankenmuth - the Brucklaufe (the Bridge Race). It's usually ran the first Saturday in October. It's not a big race by any means, but it's in a nice area. And you cross 13 bridges (Brucklaufe) throughout the course. I ran it two years ago (my one and only half) and I am considering running it again in 2016.

  2. I have the same feelings about my marathon on Saturday. It's not my first one, I shouldn't be this nervous!
    I know you'll do great though! If you ever come to KY, we have some great halfs!

  3. You're going to do great--and even if you're last, you'll have the privilege of running with police escort :)

  4. Baton Rouge has a really pretty half marathon course. :D

    Or Nola. You can beat NOLA!