Friday, November 6, 2015

Yes I Paid the Price But Look How Much I Gained

A couple of weeks ago the wonderful Christina at Love Yourself Healthy (seriously, go read her blog she is awesome) had a contest in honor of her 100th post. The winner could choose any item from the Circles of Change website.

Lucky me, I ended up winning. I picked out this awesome tank top Christina herself owns because it is just that cool but unfortunately they were out of stock. I went with this tote instead:
I love tote bags and I love this wonderful tote bag with it's positive message.

When I perused the website after my win I came across an awesome bracelet. I don't wear jewelry when I run. Well, I don't normally wear much jewelry aside from my wedding ring and this awesome mother's ring my husband got for me last Mother's Day.
Shout out to all my curved index finger ladies!
When I am doing something that takes a lot of guts, usually auditioning for something or getting ready for a performance I like to touch my mother's ring. It centers me and reminds me that yes whatever I am about to do may be scary or intimidating but holy hell I have and am STILL conquering one of the craziest things I have ever this, whatever THIS is, can't be all that bad.

Sorry, I digressed there.

On the Circles of Change website there is a bracelet:
courtesy of Circles of Change
I really want that bracelet. I have decided I am going to get it for myself. At first, I said, oh no Meg wait until you've earned it, like say made it into Onederland. And then I realized doing that defeats the entire idea behind Circles of Change. Why should I have to "earn" that bracelet. I AM a warrior. Why shouldn't I get an awesome bracelet to represent that?

I'm ordering it today. And I plan on wearing it during my races. And when the going gets tough I'll reach down and touch it and be reminded of my fierceness.


  1. Awesome! I love this! I'm not a huge bracelet wearer either but I do like this one. (I have a med alert bracelet that I'm supposed to wear... uh.. shhh don't tell anyone that I don't).

  2. I love this. Great gift for a great lady!!

  3. Love that you are a embracing your warrior self now...and not waiting until you get to a milestone.