Monday, December 14, 2015

Run, Run Rudolph

 On Saturday, the boys and I ran the Santa Hat Hustle in Hazel Park. It was supposed to be in Royal Oak, but the company couldn't get permits and had to switch locations at the last minute. I was a little nervous about that because in the article in our local paper Royal Oak seemed quite happy to not host the race, complaining about the company. Uh-oh.

I picked up our bibs that morning. There was a wait, but it wasn't bad. Then C. decided he had to go potty. Packet pick-up was in a high school and thankfully we were able to use a real bathroom. I am not looking forward to porta-potty duty with the Guys!

We made it to the start about a minute before the race started. It was close, something I hate to do. I wasn't really running this for time. The main reason I signed up for this race was so the boys could run the 1/4 mile Kids Dash which was held after the 5K.

For about the first two miles the boys did great. Then C. kept asking when he could get out and run. I promised him when we saw the finish line I would let him out. We turned the corner and there was Hubs and his parents. I let the boys out and C. took off. He hugged his dad, then kept running. Kid was on a mission.
A. was happy to run along holding my hand.

It was in the high 40's for most of the race which was great for the boys. I was worried they would be too cold while I ran.

After the 5K the kids lined up for the 1/4 Mile dash. C. almost didn't make it because of another potty run, but the race director held the start for him. Again, C. took off super fast and A. hung back with me. As we got close to the finish line the announcer asked for A.'s name. It was sweet to hear it get announced as he ran over the finish line. Against his will, mind you,  he really wanted me to carry him.

I have to post this last one. Santa was at the race, I think he even ran. You can tell the boys are less than impressed with him, they kept their distance.
It was a great final race of the year. Now to start thinking about race goals for 2016!

How was your weekend?


  1. Oliver still gets overwhelmed by Santa too. It sounds like you guys had a great time! You're doing such a great job staying out there and running, especially with your kiddo. Rock star!

  2. Love that picture of you holding both the boys, so cute! And Santas/mascots are scary!!

  3. So glad you all had a great race! Santa sometimes can be scary, even to us adults! ;)

  4. That elfy guy is so creepy. Love those little personalities :)

  5. Well regardless of what Royal Oak thinks, it sounds to me like the race organizers did a good job...I love that they held the start of the race for your son!!

    Great pics! :)