Friday, January 15, 2016

Last Friday Night

Ah Friday. It has been a shit week. The only thing keeping me from burying my face in a trough of mashed potatoes is there is no trough of mashed potatoes at my house. Otherwise, I would've been all over comfort food like nobody's business.

Luckily, I had things to keep me busy. I am auditioning for a musical on the 24th. Since I want to do really well one of my friends helped me out with a voice lesson last night. The problem, he is an EFFING OPERA SINGER so I got all sorts of stage fright singing in front of him. Thankfully, we are friends which meant when he said, "Meg, get the eff over it" it was easy to laugh and do just that. He also offered to continue the lesson sans pants, which made me laugh. (Let the record show, his pants stayed on.) I felt pretty good after the lesson and we're going to meet again next week to go over it again. Next week's goal is emoting while I sing!

As for the weekend, I've got a packed schedule but some way, somehow I will end up going for some runs. I miss running. It was actually pretty decent last night but I'm a bit nervous for night time running. I planned to get up this morning and go but by the time I got home from my lesson last night it was after eleven. I already live on limited sleep I don't need it to be THAT limited. I am working tonight. Tomorrow will be game night at my friend's house. That means snacks and wine which means game plan, run on Saturday. I can do this!

Then Sunday the boys' have a birthday party to go to. I'm taking them shopping tomorrow to each pick out a present for their friend. I am excited to see what they pick out. They're getting so big and so full of opinions.

Anything fun planned for the weekend?



  1. I'm sorry your week has sucked. :( But I bet your singing is great!

    I love Alan Rickman in that movie, too. Sad. :'(

  2. Now I want to watch Sense and Sensibility. I love Colonel Brandon. :) We have date night tonight,so I'm looking forward to wine and not having to remind someone a thousand time to eat their dinner rather than goof off!

  3. Here's hoping this week is better. That is so awesome your friend is giving you a couple of lessons :) Alan...