Monday, January 11, 2016

Red, Red Wine

Cold weather seriously interfered with my training. Have no fear I managed thirty minutes of stair stepper on Friday and a whopping sixty minutes of the stair stepper/beast on Sunday. The quad pain is real!

On Friday, I maybe indulged a touch with some of my friends.
Little boys have no sense of mama being slightly hungover. C. woke up at 5AM on Saturday. I think that counts as cruel and unusual punishment.

It was a lovely weekend. Then, I started this week off with a visit to my future oral surgeon. You guys, I feel like this could be a running/dental issues blog with the amount of time I spend getting my damn mouth worked on. Genetics are a bitch!

Oral surgery is scheduled for Friday the 29th. I know you would think with everything I have gone through oral surgery is nothing, but you guys the one and only surgery I ever had in my life was my c-section, it was the first time I ever had an IV! I ended up with serious complications from that, plus I get super nauseated from any sort of anesthesia...what I'm saying is, yes I am a grown woman, and yes I have had a shit ton of work done on my mouth...but damnit I am still nervous!

Hope you had a fun weekend!

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  1. I hope that this surgery is one and done and fixes it all for you!