Monday, January 4, 2016

This Is The Story Of A Girl

Between Chinese food the night before and some serious TOM issues rocking strong I am officially weighing in at my starting weight of 2015. Blergh.

I know if I weight myself in the next few days a lot of that weight will be gone. It just sucked to see such a high number on the scale when I was SO CLOSE to  being in Onederland in 2015.

I will not let that get me down.

I started 2016 off on a good foot. My sister was having people over for dinner so I decided to run to her house while my husband drove the boys over there. I ended up with four miles in somewhat snowy conditions. Four down, 996 to go.

I officially started half marathon training last week but with family in town I only ran once, on the 1st. This week I WILL get up and run early and I WILL kick butt at my training.

Since Santa did not bring me a treadmill I will also sign up for two months at our local community center gym so I can run on the treadmill if the weather gets too frightful. I can run in snow. I can't run on ice.

Out of the ten days I had off work I ran a total of two times. Once on Christmas Day because I got new running pants and wanted to try them out and the previous run I talked about. Apparently, I like running on holidays. Who knew.
The Guys were over stimulated and cranky and really wanted to run with me. I was able to get just under two miles in before they lost their collective shit and we had to go back home.

And yes, I did wear the Santa hat the entire time.

Maybe I didn't have the healthiest break physically but mentally it was awesome. I just spent time with my family and my kids and my husband. We ate out a lot and I made the best choices I could but didn't stress about it. I didn't binge, even when I was feeling emotionally drained. Another win there.

Now it's 2016. Here we go.


  1. I didn't run very much over the last week either. I thought I would, since we didn't have the kids, but I ended up just taking it easy. It was a nice break. Great job making the best choices you could and not bingeing! Here we go, 2016!

  2. I know you will kick 2016's ass, and I wouldn't even sweat the half marathon training. You'll do just fine.

  3. You ran more over your break than I did :) Good job getting in 4 miles in the snow! A slow warm up to half marathon training is a good idea anyway (or at least that is what I keep telling myself as an excuse for my own lack of running!). Happy New Year!

  4. You are the cutest little running elf :) Looking forward to all 2016 has in store for us!