Friday, January 22, 2016

You Raise Me Up to More Than I Can Be

This post was inspired by a conversation in our Lovely Ladies Losing It group.

Do you have weight loss prizes you are striving for? I know I tend to think, well when I lose weight I will get x. Does anyone else do that? One of the things I promised myself when I hit Onederland was some new bras.

Unfortunately, the Universe had other plans and within two weeks my three bras (not including sports bras, what cna I say, I don't shop for myself) decided to give up the ghost. There is nothing quite as pleasant as being stabbed in the boob by an underwire, let me tell you.

I have a friend who just went to a bra store in our area not that long ago. If you are in the Detroit are it is called Busted. She recommended I go, and I love a clever store name, plus a small business, so I did. I had a bra fitting before my wedding (about five years, two kids, and thirty pounds ago). The place I went to was expensive, each bra was around seventy dollars. Since I expected the prices to be like that I figured I would get at least one bra I could wear and then go get some cheap bras elsewhere.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when the average price of the bras was around forty dollars. Yay! The lovely sales assistant measured me, sans clothing, which was awkward and made me think I should have at least shaved my armpits. She was not the slightest bit disturbed by anything. In fact, I would describe her demeanor as nearly clinical but not in a bad way, just in an uber professional way. Woman clearly knows her stuff.

After getting measured, I tried on my first bra.

You guys...seriously, words cannot describe the difference. All of a sudden I had a clearly defined waist. And perky boobs! I looked good! Honestly, it looked like I lost ten pounds.

I ended up buying two regular bras and one sports bra. I love all three bras, although the sports bra still allows more jiggle than I like, even if my boobs look fabulous in it, so I will throw a regualar stretchy sports bra on over it next time I run.

If you have never been fitted for a bra, listen to me, GO GET FITTED! Wearing a proper bra that fits and lifts and makes your boobs look good is insanely awesome!

It was and still is a serious self-esteem boost. I have one old crappy bra left and when I wear that instead of my good ones I just feel different.

Another awesome thing, I have a card at the store with my sizes listed so if my husband wants to get me a present he can go there and get something that will fit. Plus, I can just go in, without getting fitted again, and get new bras. Yays all around!

Enjoy your weekend! If you are on the East Coast or in the path of Blizzard Jonas I hope you are all stocked up and ready to hunker down for the next two days. Thinking safe blizzard thoughts for you.

Once the storm clears GO GET FITTED FOR A BRA!!


  1. I know this is something I need to do. I have been poked by underwire more than I would like to admit :( The girls and I could both use a good lift! Love the post title.

  2. Whereabouts in the Detroit area is this Busted? I might have to make a trek down that way and check it out!

    1. It is in Midtown Detroit in the Park Shelton building.

  3. I just love that as the name of a bra shop. :) You're right - a good bra makes so much difference in how you look!

  4. Thanks for the tip! I confess to needing new bras. Not sure what they'll do with my nothingness, though. ;)