Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Leap Day. Real Life is For March

Anna of Losing My Puppy posted a suggestion in our Lovely Ladies group, focusing on getting some goals done over the weekend. I said I wanted to run on Saturday and on Sunday.

On Saturday I had probably the worst run I have had in a really long time. My legs felt like lead for all three miles, but I made it through somehow.

Don't let the smile fool you.
 My legs felt OK on Sunday. I wanted to run in the morning but ran out of time. We took the boys to a local Hands On Children's museum which they adored. We got home, I helped get them dinner, then I went out for a run. This one was much, much better.
Tonight I am running a run Leap Year race that is held in this area every...well, every four years for obvious reasons. Weather should be good, not too cold. Hopefully the wind dies down.

I will be meeting up with That Loud Redhead and her son. It's always nice going to a race where you know someone.

This week is the last week of my trivia league, which means we are playing almost every night to get as many points as we possibly can. We're hanging onto the lead by three points, so wish me luck. I have plans for some morning runs, especially tomorrow. I love starting the month off with a run!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Waiting for the Break of Day Searching for Something to Say

I have been eating like crap. My husband is in Vegas for a bachelor party this weekend (think more golfing less Vegas night life). It is finally supposed to be nice out, sunny and warm and I want to run. But, see above husband in Vegas. Thankfully, my sister has volunteered to watch my guys so I can get some mileage in but depending on a sitter for a run sucks. I have to get some mileage in because oh yeah, my first half marathon of the year is in a month eek!

Speaking of half marathons, I decided to say screw it to my funk and sign up for one.
Yep, just signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon. It's on Sunday, September 25, 2016. It will be my first half marathon out of state which is fun. I have a friend who lives there who will be running her first half marathon ever. And I am working on getting another local friend to go with me and make a Girl's Weekend of it.

Sunshine this weekend. Half marathon planned for the fall.

OK, let's do this.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Are You Ready For Some Football?

First things first, can we talk about how awesome it is my pretend husband won the Super Bowl? I may have cried. I really, really hope he retires so we can live on an island together and relax he can go out at such a high point in his career. Be like Seinfeld, Peyton, get out before things go WAY down hill. (P.s. I was never a fan of Seinfeld, but from what I hear the show ended before it go crappy, so that's what I'm telling Peyton to do!)

Sunday is long run day for me. I am behind on my training but trying to catch up. I was supposed to run eight miles, but didn't think I had the time or the endurance for it. I aimed for six miles and ended up with seven. Woo-hoo!

I was all happy because I  burnt a ton of calories and yay for Super Bowl treats. Except, my stomach was not feeling it.  I had a couple of nibbles of stuff but didn't eat much.
The weather was perfect! I wore a fleece vest over a long sleeve tech shirt and pants and I was comfortable!
One of the sweet parts about the Super Bowl party I went to was a few people went out of their way to talk to me about my book. It sounds dumb, but it really was stressful putting it out there for people I know to read. One guy said, "My wife loved your book" when he greeted me and another friend asked me questions about just writing in general. That makes me happy.

And speaking of reading, Christina recommended this author for me, Rachel Gibson. I have read one or two of her books but requested one from the library and it's in. She writes about a hockey team and you know I love me some hockey players.

My goal last week was to run three times. I ended up running four times and I felt great. I will aim for four runs again this week, with at least one morning run if not two. I already started the week off right, just need to stick with.

Hope you had an excellent weekend. If you are a Carolina fan, trust me, I feel your pain. Please see the Colts loss to New Orleans, and the Broncos loss to Seattle. Cam Newton has plenty of time, and the talent, to win a Super Bowl. It will happen for him.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Everyday is a Winding Road

It has been a looooooong time since I have run in the morning. I have set my alarm quite a few times, but due to kids waking up in the middle of the night or just not feeling it, I haven't actually gotten up to go for said morning run.

Today I smoked that morning run.

Alarm went off.

I turned it off and got back in bed.

I got out of bed because as I lay there I realized I wasn't actually that tired. Plus, it was the first night in a long time where I actually slept through the whole night.

Get your ass up, Meg.

The running gods had a special treat for me this morning:
It wasn't much snow, in fact most of the sidewalks were pretty clear. I got in my three miles at a slightly slower pace than I have been. Running in the dark with wet pavement makes me a little nervous. Which is kinda funny since the only times I have fallen have been in broad daylight with dry pavement. Because I am awesome like that.
This run makes ten miles for me this week. A step in the right direction. I am  using Smash Run, the free version, which is a fun tool. I manually input my runs since I haven't been using my Garmin. Once I get into long runs again I'll use it. I set a goal of three runs a week and thirty miles this month. Let's see if I can make that happen!
Oh you know you all have missed my headlamp selfies!\

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Storms Will Come, This I Know For Sure

As I watched the black clouds roll in yesterday afternoon I knew I was in for a real treat when it came to running when I got home from work.

Yep, by the time I pulled in the driveway, fat raindrops were splatting against my windshield.


I wasn't about to let a little rain stop me. While I might act like the Wicked Witch of the West at times, a little water wasn't going to make me melt.

I put my running clothes on, promised my Guys they could run with me when the weather was better, and headed out.

Half a mile into the run, the little misty rain turned into a full on downpour. It let up for a while, but by the last mile started back up again.

As I ran through the rain I thought about stopping at two miles, but persevered. Technically, my training should have been a four miler. It's OK, I am happy with the three I managed.
There is something about running in crappy conditions that just makes me feel super badass. I felt like the cars driving past me were looking out their windows thinking, "Aw man, there goes another one of those crazy runners."

Yep, that's me, a crazy runner who runs in the cold rain!

I missed my morning run AGAIN this morning because of my children. I swear they are plotting against me. It's not supposed to rain tonight which should make it even easier to get out there and run once Hubs gets home from work.

Because I WILL run tonight. Because I am a Badass Runner!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In Ireland They Know How to Love You

I weighed myself on Saturday because I am crazy was on pain meds had a rough two weeks leading up to dental surgery and knew some damage had been done.

Whoa, nelly, was it ever done.

Thankfully, I weighed myself again this morning and I have righted most of the wrongs. I am on track to crush the weight I have gained over January and really focus on my half marathon training. The weather here is cooperating. I should be able to get a run in this evening.

No, scratch that.

I WILL get a run in this evening.

My eating has been on par. It's tough to get nutrition when avoiding chewy, spicy, and crunchy foods. I am super paranoid about dry socket or infection so I'm babying my mouth like you wouldn't believe. Unfortunately, most soft foods are really just carbs and more carbs. Trying to keep it healthy with whole wheat pasta and homemade tomato sauce (can of diced tomatoes, seasonings, yum) instead of all white carbs and ice cream. I am not even normally an ice cream eater but I indulged a fair bit this weekend.

At some point I am going to need new running shoes. I just bought these last year but I can already tell I am wearing them out. It would be nice to get a pair I can rotate out, too so I don't beat the hell out of one pair of shoes all the time. I got gift cards to my local running store, Hansen's, for Christmas and still have some left from my birthday last year.

That reminds me, my husband got me a pair of running pants for Christmas. They are fantastic, I love them, they have pockets and are awesome. Except, they are a size too small. My goal for February is to be able to comfortably wear them by the end of the month. Wish me luck!

I have officially sold 18 copies of my book. That doesn't include any copies people can get free through Amazon Prime Kindle Unlimited. I have no way of tracking how many of those people have downloaded. It just seems so crazy that 18 people bought something I wrote. Crazy and still very, very...what is the word I am looking for? I feel very naked when I think about people reading it. When that happens I just think of what my mom said. "You wrote the book so people will read it. So let people read it."

My mom is a very wise woman.

If you're so inclined, here's the link.

Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm Young, Scrappy, and Hungry and I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot

First and foremost, oral surgery went off without a hitch. In fact, it was less invasive than my surgeon thought it would be so yay for that.

Funny thing, I have never been under twilight anesthesia before so I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous going in to my appointment so I ended up joking with the dental assistant and the surgeon about my veins. I am on of those lucky people who was born with surface veins so giving blood and getting IVs is usually an easy process for me. Right after the IV went in I remember saying, "Am I supposed to feel light-headed?" then nothing until I was home.

My husband filled me in on the missing bits. I went under thinking about my awesome veins and came out of anesthesia talking about my veins. Repeatedly. I made the dental assistant tell my husband about my awesome veins. I had her compare our veins. (FYI, she told my husband my veins are better than his). I made the surgeon tell my husband about my veins. I sent my sister a text message about my veins.

I remember none of that.

At least I didn't cry. Or hit on the surgeon, both very real fears of mine.

The pain was manageable with just ibuprofen by Saturday. All weekend long we had perfect running weather so I finally decided to go for a run. I asked my surgeon prior to surgery on Friday if I could run over the weekend and he said it was a judgement call but to not overdo it.

I took my time, switched to 30:30 for walk/run intervals instead of my usual 45:30. I felt great the entire time. In fact, after my first mile I knew I could move faster so I did.
My mouth didn't hurt. The only pain I felt afterward was the good kind of worked out pain in my legs. Which I miss!

If the weather holds up with its unseasonable warmness I will go for another run tonight.

On the book front, I have reviews...from people I don't know. People I don't know are reading my book and commenting on it. Not sure how I feel about that...