Monday, February 8, 2016

Are You Ready For Some Football?

First things first, can we talk about how awesome it is my pretend husband won the Super Bowl? I may have cried. I really, really hope he retires so we can live on an island together and relax he can go out at such a high point in his career. Be like Seinfeld, Peyton, get out before things go WAY down hill. (P.s. I was never a fan of Seinfeld, but from what I hear the show ended before it go crappy, so that's what I'm telling Peyton to do!)

Sunday is long run day for me. I am behind on my training but trying to catch up. I was supposed to run eight miles, but didn't think I had the time or the endurance for it. I aimed for six miles and ended up with seven. Woo-hoo!

I was all happy because I  burnt a ton of calories and yay for Super Bowl treats. Except, my stomach was not feeling it.  I had a couple of nibbles of stuff but didn't eat much.
The weather was perfect! I wore a fleece vest over a long sleeve tech shirt and pants and I was comfortable!
One of the sweet parts about the Super Bowl party I went to was a few people went out of their way to talk to me about my book. It sounds dumb, but it really was stressful putting it out there for people I know to read. One guy said, "My wife loved your book" when he greeted me and another friend asked me questions about just writing in general. That makes me happy.

And speaking of reading, Christina recommended this author for me, Rachel Gibson. I have read one or two of her books but requested one from the library and it's in. She writes about a hockey team and you know I love me some hockey players.

My goal last week was to run three times. I ended up running four times and I felt great. I will aim for four runs again this week, with at least one morning run if not two. I already started the week off right, just need to stick with.

Hope you had an excellent weekend. If you are a Carolina fan, trust me, I feel your pain. Please see the Colts loss to New Orleans, and the Broncos loss to Seattle. Cam Newton has plenty of time, and the talent, to win a Super Bowl. It will happen for him.


  1. We were thrilled too and completely agree go out on a high :) Love all the positive feedback you are getting on your book!

  2. Awesome for positive feedback on your book! I had no horse in the race for the superbowl this year so glad your boy won!

  3. Yay for positive feedback on your book! It must be such a surreal feeling to have your book out there, and now you know that people like it! Also, I hope you like the Rachel Gibson book! She and Cecelia Ahearn (not romance, kind of whimsical chick lit) are my go-to authors for easy reading.

  4. I was super happy the Broncos won too, and totally agree, I hope Peyton goes out now!
    Great job on your run! I did 7 this weekend too.

  5. So exciting that you got good (and well deserved) feedback on your book! I would have felt awkward about it too but it is a good awkward :)

  6. I'm nowhere near you on your run (18 mins for 1 km)
    But, you totally motivate me