Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Storms Will Come, This I Know For Sure

As I watched the black clouds roll in yesterday afternoon I knew I was in for a real treat when it came to running when I got home from work.

Yep, by the time I pulled in the driveway, fat raindrops were splatting against my windshield.


I wasn't about to let a little rain stop me. While I might act like the Wicked Witch of the West at times, a little water wasn't going to make me melt.

I put my running clothes on, promised my Guys they could run with me when the weather was better, and headed out.

Half a mile into the run, the little misty rain turned into a full on downpour. It let up for a while, but by the last mile started back up again.

As I ran through the rain I thought about stopping at two miles, but persevered. Technically, my training should have been a four miler. It's OK, I am happy with the three I managed.
There is something about running in crappy conditions that just makes me feel super badass. I felt like the cars driving past me were looking out their windows thinking, "Aw man, there goes another one of those crazy runners."

Yep, that's me, a crazy runner who runs in the cold rain!

I missed my morning run AGAIN this morning because of my children. I swear they are plotting against me. It's not supposed to rain tonight which should make it even easier to get out there and run once Hubs gets home from work.

Because I WILL run tonight. Because I am a Badass Runner!


  1. I need to get my run in tonight too. I LOVE running in the rain! I especially love it in the summer because it's super refreshing when the oppressive heat and humidity comes out to play. I was going to run in the rain this morning, but when I heard the loud thunder, I decided I should probably stay inside.

    So tonight, we will be badass runners and get those runs in!

  2. Total badass mother runner!

    I feel the same when I run in the rain. Those miles count double.

  3. I love running in the rain! Whenever I'm in my car and see a runner in the rain, I'm jealous and wish I was with them! Crazy for sure.