Monday, March 28, 2016

Chckety China the Chinese Chicken

Last week my goal was three days of strength training. I am happy to say I got at least two days in, so three-quarters of the way there.

I also ran three days last week. I didn't get as much long of a run in on Sunday as I would have liked but I did get in 3.10 for my #LLBunnyHop5K. I consider that a success since so much shit (sorry I have to swear it really has been a big, fat suck) went down in the last couple of days that just getting out of the house on my own was a damn miracle.

I did plenty of walking on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday between taking the boys to the park and my run I ended up with 121 minutes of activity. Cute park story, on our way there we noticed the fire truck at our local fire station was out getting washed so we headed that way. As we got there, the fire fighter was backing it into the garage so the boys watched. Then he came out and asked the boys if they wanted to see inside the truck. We spent a few minutes taking turns sitting in the truck and honking the horn. Made their day. Seriously, we have had wonderful interactions with a couple of police officers in our small city, as well. Our Public Safety Department rocks!
Finding those Easter eggs!
It was cold enough for coats in the morning and warm enough for shorts in the afternoon.
This week, I will again aim for three strength training days and at least three runs. Fingers crossed! I am helping a friend move tonight so if I carry enough boxes you bet your sweet ass I am counting it as a strength workout.

Oh man, I forgot to mention during my run yesterday I wore a running skirt! Woo hoo to warm weather. I had super hairy and super pale legs, but I didn't care, it was awesome!

Any plans for this week? Anyone on spring break? ENJOY!!


  1. Sorry you've had so much sh*t. :( I hope it gets better!!

    The fire department story is so cute. As are the boys hunting for eggs in coats. :)

    Here's to a GREAT week! (PS: I hate helping people move, because it's HARD, so I totally think it counts as a strength workout.)

  2. Moving totally counts as strength training!

  3. BNL yay!
    Yes, moving is totes Strength Training.
    Little dudes looked like they had a blast with Easter and the Firetruck story!