Monday, March 21, 2016

I'm Simply Saying That Life Finds A Way

Take one sick husband.

Add in two very active toddlers.

Take one woman who plans on running a half marathon about a forty minute drive from her house. It should take her just under three hours to run the race. With the commute on either end, it would be about a five hour commitment.

Again, don't forget the sick husband.

And the active toddlers.

In order to run my half marathon yesterday I would have had to leave the house by 6:30 in the morning. I wanted to get there early enough to pick up my packet and get decent parking.

I just couldn't do it. I couldn't ask someone to come over that early to babysit the boys while my husband continued to be miserable from whatever ails him.

I didn't run my half marathon yesterday.

I am bummed. Making the rational adult decision sucks.

Instead once the boys were awake, I got them some breakfast then we went to my sister's house once her daughter was awake. They played with her while I ran five miles. It wasn't the 13.1 I planned on running but it was better than nothing.
Nothing like a little bathroom selfie before a run!
Gotta love negative splits.
Then I signed up for a half marathon at the end of April because damnit, I am going to run a spring half marathon. Gives me about eight weeks to train which sounds about perfect as I am coming off of my taper for this half marathon.

You know what I am truly bummed about? I had a box of Girl Scout cookies I was planning on opening yesterday after my half. Instead they went into the basement freezer.


  1. Sorry you couldn't run your race but it does sound like you made the right decision. I'm glad you immediately turned around and signed up for another though. That will keep you going and just think how amazing those Thin Mints will taste after victory!

  2. Life gets in the way sometimes, for sure. Being able to resist the treats you'd been saving is a big NSV, though! And just think how nice it will be to enjoy them after your April race! (Plus, frozen Thin Mints are the BEST kind of Thin Mints, so win-win!)

  3. Oh, that sucks! I can imagine how disappointing that must've been. Your awesome for putting family first though. Not sure I could've put those cookies in the freezer, that takes a lot of willpower! Glad you have another half to look forward to!

  4. I'm most impressed that you put the GSC away!! I don't think I could've done it!

    Good for you in making the sacrifice, though. AND in getting in a 5-mile run!! What half are you registered for? I really need to get off my *ss and register for something, lol! ;)