Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mama, If That's Movin' Up Then I'm Movin' Out

Move in for my friends was a success!

I forgot to mention their apartment (we moved them into their new house) was a third floor walk-up. That's right, not only did I carry a shit ton of boxes but I also carried them down the stairs. I proudly got in 73 minutes of activity. My goal for the month of March was 1500 minutes so in the next three days I need to get 177 minutes of activity. I have runs planned for today and tomorrow, that will help. Plus, my strength workouts. I can do it!

After all that lifting I woke up this morning with that sore "Dear God what did I do to myself" kind of feeling one gets after exerting oneself. It's a good feeling but also a painful one.

My awesome Lovely Ladies group is working on paying it forward this week. We all had rough weeks last week for one reason or another so we're really working on doing kind things this week. Yesterday, I sent an email complimenting two people I interacted with these weekend since I know, as a manager, it is rare to hear good things and only bad, bad, bad.

Today, I sent a thank you Starbucks gift card to a dear friend who gave me a bunch of workout clothes that were too big for her. It's not really a kind gesture since it is more of a 'thank you' than anything, but I meant to do it ages ago and this week reminded me to do it. Now to keep my eye out for a chance to do more good today!

Random Fun Thing: Pajiba is hosting a sex-off bracket. It's racy and there is swearing so maybe NSFW if you can't look at that stuff, but basically, it's which character would be better in the sack. The reasoning the creator of the bracket puts behind each match-up is pretty clever and there are some where you just have to yell, "NOOOOO!!!" and randomly pick one.(I am talking to you Ian Malcolm vs. Indiana Jones)

Hope you have a good day!!


  1. Indy, definitely Indy. But then again, nerds make the best husbands (I think anyways). But then again this isn't a best husband bracket is it? ;)

    Great job getting active and those sore muscles. I'm going to be off my minutes for the challenge by about 300 but... I'm still proud of the fact that I have exercised the heck out of this month!

  2. Definitely Indy. I love Ian but there's no topping a young Harrison Ford.

  3. Sorry, I don't know who the other guy is, so I'll go with Harrison Ford. :)

    Also, that is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs of all time. I will be singing it all morning now. ;)