Friday, March 18, 2016

Reluctantly Crouched at the Starting Line. Engines Pumping and Thumping In Time.

On Sunday I will run my first half marathon of the year. I am actually, sorta, well trained for this one. not for speed or anything, but I have the mileage under my belt, sort of, so I shouldn't be miserable at the end. At least I hope not.

Two worries:

1. I have a heel crack on each foot that bother me when I walk. They aren't gut-wrenchingly painful but they hurt enough that I'm worried if they aren't mostly healed by Sunday they might bug me. Keep your fingers crossed all of my hydrating and petroleum jellying works out!

2.  Husband has been fighting a stomach bug since Tuesday. Or rather, he had the stomach bug on Tuesday and is still working his way back to healthy. Keep your fingers AND toes crossed it doesn't get me this weekend!

I like that my worries aren't about the actual race. Everything I have heard about it makes me believe it is a well run race. Plus, the weather is supposed to cooperate, in the 40's with some cloud cover. I can handle that!

Leading up to Sunday I will focus on my water. One of the smart women in my LL group suggested setting an alarm as a water reminder. Since I have a tendency to not drink as much on the weekends because I am running after my guys I thought that was a great idea and will be doing it for sure.

Here's to the first big race of the year! Hope you have a good weekend!


  1. May neither of your worries manifest. Have a great race!! That reminder tip is a great one. I forget to drink on the weekends too.

  2. Kick ass, have totally got this! I'll be sending you all the positive vibes on Sunday!