Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two Hearts Girl Get the Job Done

I ran last night because I slept in yesterday morning. Today is my husband's birthday and I have plans for him post-hockey which means no time for a run. I set my alarm for 5:30AM thinking I probably would turn it off and sleep through it.
I had timer issues during Mile 2 which sucks because I know it would have been faster

Yet, when it went off I woke up. I didn't even have to have my usual AM pep talk (Get out bed. No! Come on, get out bed. NO!) just sat up, put my glasses on, said, screw it and went for a run.

Now, it has been a while since I ran in the morning so my legs took some time to wake up. Plus, I ran last night, remember? I ran at about 8PM.Doing the math, I realized I was pretty much running twice in less than twelve hours. Did I mention I did speed work last night? Well, I did. Because I am crazy.

My leaden legs remained leaden past the usual mile point. It wasn't until I was almost to two miles that they started to feel OK. Not even good, you guys, just simply OK. Note to self:  back to back runs like that maybe not the best idea.
I  like how my run is almost symmetrical. I didn't even do that on purpose.

But, I ran. I ran in the morning when I didn't want to. That is my second run this week (I count Sunday as the end of my week, not the start, as does Map My Run) and I feel good about it. One more and I have reached my goal of three runs a week. Since I have two more planned I will surpass that goal. Plus, since my run is out of the way I can do a good arm workout tonight after the birthday festivities! Wins all around!

I almost forgot, today I weighed in for Weigh-In Wednesday and I am down 0.8 pounds, which let's be honest is practically a pound, right? I am officially one pound more than my lowest weight this year. Keep on going down, scale!


  1. Girl, I am super proud of you for running twice in less than a day! Really truly awesome job getting up and getting it done! Enjoy your day today and hubby's birthday tonight! Great job on the scale too!

  2. OMG, I so wanna be you when I grow up! Two in 12 hours...I'm bowing. Seriously. And a pound? You Go, girl!!!