Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You Might Think I Can't Take It But You're Wrong

Sometimes I just have to break my life up into manageable pieces. Right now I will survive this week.

This week my goal is to run three times and to do three strength workouts. Yesterday was a rest day from running so I did a strength workout. I did squats and then a bunch of different arm moves I found by perusing YouTube and using exercises I have known to work for me. No weights this time, the weight bench is in the basement AND the HDMI cord is not hooked up to it. (Had to pilfer the one from the basement after the twins broke the one on the upstairs TV and have yet to hook up the replacement one. Yes, I am sure it will only take a second. My lack of electronics knowledge knows no bounds). No way am I working out in the scary basement without the television on!

This evening I will run since I forgot to run this morning. OK, I didn't forget, but my husband is still sick and it is easier for me to run right when the boys go to sleep then run in the morning and worry I won't be home before they wake up.

Wish I had decided that before my alarm went off at 5:30AM.


I am hosting another virtual 5K, the Bunny Hop 5K, which will be held on Easter Sunday (March 27, 2016). Run/walk/swim/bike a 5K or any K distance you want. Feel free to share an image on social media tagged #LLBunnyHop5K. I am planning on a 10K myself, but that's because I have an 8 mile run on the schedule.


  1. One week at a time. You got this!

    I should probably run on Easter, but I enjoy my Sunday's off. :p I'll think of you, though! :)

  2. I didn't see this sooner or I'd totally have tagged a #LLBunnyHop5K for my 10 miler. I even saw Easter eggs while I was out!