Monday, April 25, 2016

At Least I Keep His Eyes In My Life

My friend who was going to ride her bike with me for my long run on Saturday ended up backing out because her son was sick Friday night. Trust me, I get it, handling sick kiddos in the middle of the night is never fun and is completely exhausting.

I started later than I would have liked, left my house just after 10:00. I took out two water bottles, but left one on my front porch. My plan was to run an out and back in one direction, switch out the empty water bottle, then run and out and back in a different direction for a grand total of eleven miles. Temperature was in the 40's, sunny. with a nice crisp breeze. For a bit I wore a heandband over my ears but ditched it as I warmed up.

My plan went off without a hitch aside from one or two nitpicks. My goals was to run about a 13:30 to 13:50 mile. Aside from the times where I ended up waiting at busy intersections that's exactly what I did.
I felt great the entire run. Towards the end my legs felt a little sluggish, but I wasn't dying for it to be over. Makes me feel pretty good about the half next weekend.

One of the ways I planned my run was to pick neighborhoods I don't normally run it, at least for the first part. I found a cute park I figured the boys would love so after my run I loaded them in the car and we played for a while.
Sandpit full of trucks and toys AND a dinosaur!
My legs felt great all day, I felt awesome all was good. Then on Sunday we walked up to the park with the boys and walking back with a kiddo on my shoulders while wearing flip flops completely jacked up my left hip and knee. Which makes me swing back towards the feeling nervous about Saturday's half marathon. My plan this week is to take it easy, with one or two short and easy shake out runs on Tues and Thursday just to keep my legs fresh. Wish me luck!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Oof sorry about the hip and knee. Hopefully the kinks will work themselves out. Sounds like you are well prepared for Saturday though! What cute little park!

  2. Great job, Meg! Sounds like you'll definitely be ready for your race!! I hope your hip and knee are ok.

  3. Just take it easy this week! Do you have a foam roller for your left hip/knee? Good luck!

  4. Great run! I love that you took the boys to the park after the run...eleven miles and there is NO way I would have wanted to go back out to play.

  5. Just relax and know that you'll be awesome!!