Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Come With Me and You'll Be in a World of Pure Imagination

I am not much of a cook. I can make a decent casserole. And I can boil water like a champ. But, other than that, not so much.

Usually when I attempt a recipe if the ingredients list is too long, I saw screw it and don't make it. But, my friend at Runs to Get Waisted raved over this recipe and Hubs loves him some carrot cake so I thought I would give it a shot.

Oh She Glows Heavenly Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

I managed to follow the directions pretty well while also making dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for the kiddos, making sure they washed their hands, filling milk cups, etc. That I didn't forget an ingredient is a minor miracle since I was going off the recipe on the phone. I should have just grabbed the tablet but see above wrangling.

I got everything in the greased pan and into the oven it went.
"Wow, that looks interesting." - My husband
I pushed the ingredients down into the mix as much as I could but they ended up floating to the top anyway, so my baked oatmeal has a layer of dried fruit and nuts on top. I might try mixing them into the batter before dumping it into the baking dish next time just to see if it gets incorporated better.

It says it serves six, but I ended up cutting it into eight pieces. I brought one for my midmorning breakfast at work.On MFP it tracks at 239 calories a piece if it is eight servings.
It's good. Here is where I admit I'm not really a HUGE carrot cake fan. Hubs loves the stuff so I made it for him. It tastes mostly like cinnamon oatmeal with bits of carrot and nuts in it. I also threw in some dried blueberries because I had them on hand. They add a nice pop of sweetness. I will for sure make this again. I might mess around and attempt other baked oatmeals. Because I am crazy like that!


  1. It looks beautiful. I am not sure if this would work for nuts and dried fruit, but if you toss fresh fruits in a tablespoon or so of flour it helps to keep them distributed in the batter (i.e. blueberries in muffins). I think mixing with the batter will help, but you might save a few of the goodies to sprinkle on top just for looks :)

  2. It looks really good! I may even give that a whirl!

  3. I loooooove carrot cake. I don't like nuts in it, though. Hmmm...may have to think about making this, just maybe omit the nuts?

  4. I may have to add some baked oatmeal into the rotation...

  5. I love baked oatmeal and it's been far too long since I did one. I like that you can freeze it and have something healthy ready to go at any time!