Monday, April 11, 2016

I Wanna Wake Up in a City That Doesn't Sleep

I don't vacation that often, especially now that we have kids. Last year the whole family went to Montana for my brother's wedding which was amazeballs, but was also ten days of family, and I love them I really do, but it was intense. Plus, I was in Mom Mode.

My sister and I went to New York this past weekend to visit my brother and his family. It was so nice to hang out with my sis and just be together as sisters and friends, not as moms. Most of the time when we hang out we are wrangling kids, so it makes it hard to focus on each other. That was by far my favorite part of the trip. We laughed so hard at the dumbest things, even now I can start to giggle thinking about some of them.

We left early Thursday morning. We got in, dropped our stuff off at my brother's apartment, then spent the day walking around the city. Since we were up so early, we had an early evening. I think I was asleep by 8:30.
That's a lot of steps.

The next day we got to go to school with our niece and nephew, see their classroom, which was awesome. After that, our plan was to head up to the reservoir in Central Park. My sister doesn't run but she planned on sitting on a bench and hanging out while I ran two laps around the reservoir. Mother Nature laughed in our faces at this plan. As we walked the twenty or so blocks from the school to the reservoir the day was lovely and sunny with a crisp breeze. I had a regular jacket, not my running jacket no room in the suitcase, and a long sleeved tech shirt on and figured I would be fine as long as there was sun.

Look at that sunshine!
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Sis, "Look like you're running."
As soon as I got to the path around the reservoir it started to rain. And then sleet. I was pelted in the face by tiny bits of ice. I made it a quarter mile then turned around. My sister decided to cab it back to my brothers. I figured I would just at least run back.

Thankfully, as I continued back along the reservoir the sleet stopped. It drizzled a bit, and was windy as a mother effer, but not horrific.
Once I did a full loop around, I decided to head off that path and onto the bridal path which was hillier. I ran on that for a bit, then around the city streets until I ended up with 3.5 miles.
The first mile included the whole stopping because of sleet bullshit.
After a wonderful run we brunched because that is what classy ladies do.

"Lift up your effing pinkies like a classy lady!"
Then we walked some more, visited some touristy sites (Hamilton's grave yep I am a nerd) like the Brooklyn Bridge and the WTC Memorial.
People put coins on his monument which is dorky and awesome!
We walked to the middle, then turned around and came back. I can't handle the hipsterness of Brooklyn
 Look at all that activity!
On Saturday we went to a hockey game with my brother and nephew. It worked out, it was the Detroit Red Wings vs. the New York Rangers. The Red Wings lost, but it was still fun. My sweet nephew said, "I'm sorry the Red Wings lost, Auntie Meg." which helped make up for his dad taunting us. Older brothers, sheesh.

My sister in law is huge into Soul Cycle. It's pretty much a fancy cycling class with mood lighting. I went with her Saturday evening. It was a 90's Hip Hop class. I have heard the instructors can get a little spiritual up in there "Breath out your aggression" or "This last song is for someone you love" stuff like that. Thankfully, perhaps because of the theme, the instructor did none of that. I was worried I would be the biggest person there and while I was, there were also other women close in size. AND, the best part, they turn the lights off other than a spot on the instructor which means no one could see me angry sweating in the back row. I got a good workout, but not sure it is for me.

 Now I went into this vacation trying to be as active as possible. I wanted to run in Central Park, I wanted to walk a bunch, and I didn't want to ruin my fitness and eating plans entirely. I think I accomplished that. I had some fun meals, some treats:
Chocolate with chocolate butter cream and salted caramel with some sort of light and fluffy frosting. Neither was spectacular
 but for the most part I stuck to my plan. I avoided soda except for the hockey game when the only option of a beverage would have been a sugary juice with more calories, so I split a Diet Coke with my sister.

Because of my sister's awesome planning, we got in early enough Sunday morning I was able to spend the day with my guys and relax. I should have grocery shopped and done laundry, but eh, there's always tomorrow.

I had a fantastic trip. It was an excellent way to usher in my 36th birthday.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful trip! Sounds like a ton of activity too! Kick ass and have a very Happy birthday!

  2. What a spectacular weekend! Love that you took opportunities to be active that also incorporated the city.

  3. That looks like such a fantastic trip! I love your running selfies - you look like you're having a blast despite the weather. :)