Friday, April 15, 2016

If You Call, I Will Answer

I put the call out on the good ole FB looking for a used treadmill for about 100 bucks. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something I can use, either when I am home with the boys at night while hubs is out, or if the weather if really crappy. Now that I have decided to bite the bullet when it comes to a full marathon I will need reliant workout equipment. If I train in the winter I can't let ice stop me, no sirree.

I got two responses because my friends are awesome. One friend checked with her in-laws. They're going to sell me a barely used, three year old treadmill for 100 bucks. Barely used, all the bells and whistles woo-hoo. Another friend has one she brought with her from Florida and isn't using, she joined a gym.  She is giving it to me for free! I'm starting with the free one, since it is closer. Setting that up, then when I can, picking up the fancier one. Once I get that one, I will give the free one to a friend who said she wanted it. Wins all around!

I have to tell you there is nothing quite like feeling the runner love from your friends!

It's Fri-Yay you all, so hope you have an excellent weekend. I'm getting a long run in, eight to ten miles, and enjoying family time. What about you?

Let me leave you with this photo. I snapped it as we walked to school this morning. You can't tell with the boys, but we're all holding hands.


  1. That is so exciting! I need to look for one - it would make training so much easier (or at least take away one excuse).