Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Stupid Mouth Has Got Me In Trouble

And then Meg lost her mind.

I had a cleaning today, my semi-annual one. Yep, I have dental insurance and I use it like a boss. Twice a year I get my teeth scraped and cleaned and sparkly. And twice a year, almost without fail, my dentist tells me there is something wrong with my teeth.

This time it's a cavity. You know you have special teeth when both your hygienist and dentist go back to last year's x-ray to make sure they aren't imagining things because the cavity is so big that it is pretty impressive it just showed up as quickly as it did. Yep, my mouth is mind boggling even to my dentist.

I admit it, I cried. I know, lame, right? I have had a shit ton of work done to my mouth in the last year and this is just a stupid cavity. I have seen specialists for pete's sake! Ever heard of an endodontist? If you haven't you are lucky. (I mean spellcheck doesn't even recognize Endodontist as a WORD!) After all that I have done, after all the flossing I do, and yes I actually floss every single damn day and if I forget to floss at night, I floss in the morning and AGAIN at night to make up for it, I am not kidding when I admit that...after all that I end up with a whopper of a cavity.

Well suck it, Trebek.

You're the worst, Burr.


It is infuriating and maddening and frustrating. I am frustrated. I just...look, I just want to have a pity party for a little while and wallow. I want to be mad and upset about it. I want to shake my fist at the sky a la Charlton "Damn you, dirty apes!" Heston.

You go about your day, I'll be the one crying over a stupid tooth.


  1. I understand. I had to get two refilled last year and I cried, too. Damn it!!!

    Maybe go for a run to get rid of some aggression? Or hit something.