Monday, April 4, 2016

No One Else Was In the Room Where It Happened

Five seconds ago I was all "hell yeah it's Friday" and now it is Monday and I am exhausted and have no idea where the weekend went. Sheesh.

I think the weekend flies by because we pack so much stuff into two tiny days. With Friday being the first of the month I really wanted to get a run in. Weather was great, and with the sun staying up so much longer, Hubs and I came up with a plan. After dinner, we took the boys to the park, which has a track right next to it, and while they played I ran for two miles.

My pace was all off because the boys ran a lap of the second mile with me. Well, one son ran it. The other one ran half it, wanted me to pick him up, decided he was a Transformer and army crawled for fifty feet, then ran the rest of the way. Also, Map My Run wasn't accurately picking up the laps, so I had to run almost 4.5 laps to get a mile to show up on the app.

I always feel like I am going to have a good month if I can start out with a run. I also did day one of the Pop Sugar 21 Day Arms challenge. This is going to sound a lot like bragging, but what the hell it is my blog and if I need to toot my horn, I will toot it. I did the first day and it was easy. I have issues with a lot of my body, but between hauling around two three year olds, and regular arm workouts I think I've got a pretty strong upper body. We'll see if the challenge challenges me over the next week.

Another Friday treat, the boys got twin beds!
Twin beds for the twins
C loves it. A went to bed in his bed, then got up in the night at some point and slept on the floor. He did the same thing on Saturday and Sunday. At least he liked his Batman comforter.

Saturday I saw Batman Vs. Superman. No spoilers here other than to say...don't go see it. If a two and a half hour movie FEELS like a two and a half hour movie it is just not worth it.  The only good things about the movie were the fact my friend snuck in a thermos of wine for us to share, and Henry Cavill's abs (although not enough abs in my opinion).

I also got new shoes on Saturday. Check out these beauties!
I love my local running store, I really do. However, help there can be hit or miss. I don't know if sometimes the salespeople assume things because of how I look or what but this time was a miss. Last time I went the guy who helped me was great, he had me try them on, checked to make sure the toe box was wide enough, did a gait analysis before he even picked out shoes for me, watched me walk...all sorts of fun stuff. It's how I ended up with my last pair of shoes. This time, the guy asked what I wanted, I said I wanted new shoes, preferably the same ones I had. He looked up the ones I had, grabbed the latest model, and waited while I tried them on. He never suggested I run on the treadmill with them, or touched my foot in any way, or I don't know, worked as a salesperson. Thankfully, they are the same make as my last pair, just the newer version, I had Pro Guide 7's and these are Pro Guide 9's. But, I was a little bummed by what I felt was a half-hearted sales attempt. I'm not saying I need to wooed or anything but the shoes were 120.00 so it's not like I wasn't investing some cash. This paragraph is kind of rambly, sorry. Really, I tell people all the time to go to a running store for a fitting because I firmly believe good shoes make all the difference in the world. I just wonder in this case if I didn't know EXACTLY what I wanted if I would have walked away with a good pair of shoes and that makes me sad because I think people should get treated like they are a Boston Qualifier regardless of whether or not they actually are. Does that make sense? I would just hate for a new runner to get the same experience I did.

Wow, that must have bothered me more than I thought. Lots of words there.

I took those lovely shoes for a run on Sunday. I have to tell you I have been experiencing some shin pain while running which is a big indicator for me that it's time for new shoes. With these ones on, it was like running on a cloud.

And then I went to bed and now it's Monday. Damn.

I am going on a vacation with my sister on Thursday, to New York City to see family.  I have plans to run in Central Park on Friday, not only to celebrate Rex Manning Day but because I want to run in Central Park.  We're going to see some shows, hang out a bunch, attempt to get lottery tickets for Hamilton on Thursday. Most importantly I would like to a. pee without someone banging on the door and asking me what I am doing and b. sleep in and wake up when I want to not because someone is yelling my name. Pretty reasonable, I think.

How was your weekend?


  1. So excited about your upcoming trip! We did NYC a year ago (once in a lifetime trip) and now I want to go back! Never thought it would be possible to go once much less more than once! Hope you have a wonderful trip and that the broadway gods smile upon you with tix to see Hamilton! Love those new shoes!

  2. So excited that you get to run in Central Park! I really hope you get the Hamilton lottery. I started listening to the cast album in my office today and it is just as great I'd heard it was!