Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Family That Runs Together Has Funs Together

We have this game we play when we're driving and see a runner. One of the boys will spot the runner and say, "Look a runner, Mama!" and I'll say, "Who else is a runner?" and the will say, "You, Mama. And me and my brudder!"

I have little runners and I love it.

They love racing. They tolerate running with me, but unless it's a closed course, I don't let them get out of the stroller. We have done a few kids races, but it's funny, the 1/4 Mile distance is almost too short for them.

I debated signing them up for a mile fun run. A mile is a long way when you're little. I don't want them to hate it. I contacted the race director because I am going to run the 5K for the same race, a half hour after the mile run. I asked if I could run the Fun Run and just have the boys run with me. He suggested registering both boys. Yes the race gets more money from that but it's for a good cause so I'm not mad and the boys will each get a medal. I will run with them with the jogging stroller and if they need a break, I'll toss them in there, run with them, and let them run across the finish line. It's the weekend after my half, so I'm not expecting to break records here. I just hope the boys have fun and get to run as much as they want to.

Running together as a family makes my heart happy.

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