Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's the Freakin' Weekend 'Bout to Have Me Some Fun

I'm having weird stomach issues: feeling overfull after only eating a little bit, some nausea, some wicked heartburn. (First person who asks me if I'm pregnant gets a kick in the shin!) I wanted to run last night but that wasn't going to happen. Hopefully this goes away soon.

I did manage to stay super active this weekend. Our city pool opened up on Saturday so we spent a couple of hours there on Saturday and again on Monday. The pool was jamming! I don't think I have ever seen it that busy. We usually go in the evenings when I get home from work and it's pretty dead. I have been debating signing up for the Masters Swim. It's from 6A to 7A and I know I can do it but I will miss out on mornings with my guys. Maybe I'll sign up for it when they're a little older. I did get a speedo, a swim cap, and new goggles so I will also be doing some laps in the evenings after the boys are in bed.

We had a bbq, and walked up to a parade, did lots of walking to the pool, really, we didn't stop moving for most of the weekend!

I changed things up for a bit and tried a pilates video on Friday. Seriously, y'all, I threw up a little bit during that video. It was a legs and core thing and I swear to god, the moves look super easy but the burn was real!!

With May rapidly ending and summer looming I am coming up with a personal challenge. My awesome fitness group will have our own thing, but for me I want to lose fifteen pounds this summer so I'm going for #15in3 (lose fifteen pounds by August 31). I tend to be way more active in the summer with just the boys alone so it's doable.  I've got this.

I'll take my measurements tonight but I already know I am improving as I moved up to the next heaviest weights in my free weights (fifteen pounders) and added weight to my bench press. We'll see if that is reflected in inches.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! It will be Friday soon!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Beef Ragout, Cheese Souffle, Pie and Pudding En Flambe!

I am not much of a cook but I have to share with you my latest obsession.

Let me preface this by saying I am the last person to jump on food trends. I roll my eyes so hard when I read about Paleo and clean eating (seriously, that term has got to go away, clean eating implies other eating is dirty and somehow wrong and it just comes across of arrogant) that they should get stuck that way.

However, I am a carbaholic. It's bad, you guys. If I can find a way to get the feeling of carbs without the calories of carbs, I will go for it. Unfortunately, I don't really like cauliflower which seems to be the be all and end all substitute for carbs. Um, cauliflower crust does not taste like pizza crust.

I tired riced cauliflower instead of rice in a stir fry because I read a blogger who raved about it. I saw it at my local Trader Joe's and tossed a bag into my cart.

Um, good lord, it is the best.
Like I said, not a cauliflower fan, but the texture of this is PERFECT. I stir fry it with a bag of frozen veggies, add a little soyaki marinade, which also comes from TJ's, and I just want to make out with the whole thing. And it's just vegetables. Tons and tons of veggies. Next time I might scramble an egg and toss it in there. I made this a few nights ago and had it with Trader Joe's chickenless Orange Chicken. Don't judge me.

Now, whenever I go to TJ's I grab two bags of this. I am going to become a riced cauliflower hoarder. Tonight I'm going to try to make more of a Spanish rice with it with diced tomatoes, black beans, and green chilies. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mistress Mary Quite Contrary

I spent a good chunk of my Saturday turning my little veggie garden from this:
Into this:
I know, I know not very many plants. Funny thing, we used to do tomatoes, but usually tomatoes end up being so prolific we can't keep up. I enjoy a raw tomato occasionally, as does Hubs, but we get too many and they are wasted. Yes, I could jar them and make sauces, etc. But, since I usually barely have time to make our dinner, let alone pre-make sauce for future dinners, I decided to pass on tomatoes this year.

What you see in that picture are two zucchini plants and two cucumber plants. Fingers crossed those puppies turn out! I love me some cukes and I love zucchini. I want to have oodles of both. Hopefully there's plenty of room for them to grow!

I couldn't figure out why my back and arms were so sore on Sunday until I remembered the gardening. Ah yes.

May has FLOWN by. I'm going to do a measurement update in a few days, see how I am doing there. I need to do more strength training, but I have been getting down to my basement gym at least once a week this month, sometimes twice, which is more than previous months. I have also been utilizing the incline of my treadmill. I am going to crush those Cincinnati hills next spring!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Met Him On a Monday and My Heart Stood Still

I haven't run in a week so I hauled my ass onto the treadmill yesterday to get some mileage in. Not actively training makes it hard to make myself move. I ran three miles, then spent twenty minutes kicking the incline of the treadmill up from a six to an eight to a ten while walking. Holy crap, did I feel the burn. But, I am proud of myself for not holding onto the arms of the treadmill and finishing strong. Those Cincinnati hills are going to be a walk in the park!

I finished my night out with thirty minutes of arms and legs weights. Fell the burn, Meg. FEEL THE BURN!!

My butt hurts today which is a good feeling! Well, not a good feeling exactly but I feel good knowing I worked hard enough to make my glutes sore today.

Better news, even better than working out updates, I got a role in a show! I tried a different community theatre and ended up with a nice sized role. I would have taken ensemble with this group, they were all so kind and nice at auditions. Instead, I have solos! Woo-hoo! I'll keep you posted on that.

I'll leave you with this, since I love a post with pictures. I came home from my audition on Monday to this lovely bouquet from Hubs. He was gone all weekend and he brought me these just because. Love that man.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Poor, Unfortunate Souls

I read somewhere that most people's comfort foods are foods you eat with a spoon because subconsciously they remind us of when we were little and being spoonfed by someone who took care of us. Maybe that is all wrong, but personally, my comfort foods are definitely soft spoon-eating foods. I had a rough weekend flying solo and Sunday night found myself fixing up mashed potatoes with canned corn. It wasn't the healthiest dinner, but it made me happy and comforted.

I auditioned for another musical and was once again rejected. You all, I know I am not leading lady material, I don't have the pipes for it. But, getting rejected for even a crappy part sucks. Deep breath and let it out. Another audition tonight. I honestly don't know how people do this professionally. I need to develop a thicker skin.

Between that, the lack of sleep with no husband home, the boys being great aside from being exhausted Sunday evening and melting down over everything, I ended up with my bowl of potatoes.

It's a new day and a new week. We survived the weekend.

 Hope Monday is kind to you.

Friday, May 13, 2016

But the Colorado Rocky Mountain High

For some reason I started reading Flying Pig Marathon recaps and I freaked out about the hills. Guys, I live in Michigan which is essentially as flat as a damn pancake. There are some hilly-ish areas around here, but not many. Training on hills is going to be hard, mostly because I will have to drive a distance to get anywhere with hills.


But, I have people. I have my Moms Run This Town area chapter. On our Facebook group one member posted a link to this article:

Three Hill Workouts for the Treadmill

I am going to go with the Mindfully Long Hill Workout which sounds more like what I need to prepare myself:

  • Warm up by walking for 2 minutes.
  • Run easy for 8 minutes.
  • Repeat 3 times: Run one mile at a 3 percent incline at an easy effort in the Yellow Zone, or Zone 2 for heart rate. After each mile, run 2 minutes at 0 percent incline, at a faster, but controlled Orange Zone (or Zone 3 heart rate) effort to simulate the speed of running downhill. Then, run one minute easy (Yellow Zone) at 0 percent before moving on to the next rep.
  • Run easy for 5 minutes.
  • Cool down by walking for 2 minutes.

The women in my Lovely Ladies group have all joined together to train hills with me. We're going to do squats and wall sits and lunges and all the fun things a runner needs to do to get her ass over some hills. Speaking of asses, if after this training you can't bounce a quarter off of mine I will be sorely disappointed.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Born and Raised in South Detroit

FINALLY, some good news. I went to the endodontist for my follow-up appointment. I had a lovely apicoectomy last year and went in at six months and today to make sure it healed properly. Excellent news, all is good and I am done with the endodontist. Except I know how my mouth works so I have a feeling I will be back there some day down the road.


I was so pumped about signing up for the marathon that I had to make sure I got a run workout in. I ran and then spent thirty minutes beating myself up on the weight bench.

Flying Pig is hilly for the first half of the course. From what I read, for at least the first eighteen or so miles. I am not going to let flat ass Michigan get me down. My plan, is to run hills on the treadmill. I just need to find a good hill workout. If you have one you love, let me know! When I can, there are a couple of Metroparks in the area that have hills on them, I will try to get my LONG runs going on those. We shall see. I think weights and hill training are going to be my best friend!

This is real.

Until then, my new goal for the summer (I won't start marathon training until September) is to PR my 5K. Let's do this!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Would You Capture It? Or Just Let It Slip?

Oh my god.

I am dumb.

I got caught up in the awesomenees that is my ladies group and all of a sudden I was entering numbers and filling shit out and then I got the email confirmation that told me I was signed up for this:
Uh, yeah, that says MARATHON.


Well, might as well come up with a training plan. I follow the Galloway method and he has an eight month plan for beginners. I might tweak it a bit but that sounds about right for me.

Holy shit.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Don't Let Me Hear You Say Life's Taking You Nowhere

My friend: Hey, so you run whatever pace you want. Don't worry about me.
Me: What are you talking about? I'm running this with you.
Friend: Why? I only signed up for this to support you!

My friend ran her second ever 5K without training on Saturday because for some reason she thought I needed her support? I have no idea where her brain was. But, she's one of my closest friends so we had fun and she said at just past mile two, "God, I hate running."

Fun times.

I didn't love the race. It was a SMALL one, which is usually fine, but I was told there would be medals for the boys when they finished their Mile and there were not any. Not cool. Thankfully, the boys didn't care, they just ran, then played on the playground with my husband while I ran the 5K.

C finishing with his arms up
A. finishing strong!
The best part, honestly, was this:
There were four of five of these with different names. I don't know if they randomly picked my name or if someone is friends with a different Meg B, but I enjoyed this. I am going to look at this picture when I get down in the dumps about stuff.

I can do it.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2016

You've Got That Long Hair Slicked Back White T-Shirt

Two strength workouts and three run workouts done and all before Friday. I feel pretty accomplished!

Last night, I did not want to run. J had to run to the store to get me a mother's day present on a secret mission which meant I could either wait for him to get back or just use the dang treadmill. Treadmill it was.

This is my, it's beautiful outside but I am running indoors face:
The treadmill is in the basement so I couldn't even open a window and pretend I was outside! Such is life.

I sent a text to my friend who planned on running with me virtually. She'll  be at the 5K I'm running on Saturday. Then hit the rubber.
I have heard people say running on the treadmill is easier than running outdoors, at least easier on your body,  but man, it does not feel that way for me. The fifty plus minutes it took me to get through four miles felt like fifty hours. I tried to distract myself with the movie The Rock (yep cheesy, big budget action movie, sign me up!) but even Nic Cage couldn't save me. If I hadn't agreed to run four virtual miles with K. I probably would have stopped at three.

Then, it turns out, K ran out of time and had to cut her run short so she only ran three but I'm not bitter. A little bitter. Ok, a lot bitter.

I finished my workout off with thirty minutes of weights. Man, I am feeling every one of those weights today!

As for my weekend, I've got a busy one. Running a Mile Run with the guys and then a 5K immediately after. Taking the guys to a birthday party. Girl's Night for Mama. And Mother's Day celebrating with everyone on Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you're a mom or a dog mom or a mom-like person, happy mother's day. If you've lost your mom, extra hugs to you, I am thinking good thoughts for you!

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Anything fun planned?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Climb Every Mountain Search High and Low

Weekly Workout 2 of 3 COMPLETE!
J had hockey last night which meant I got to hang out on the treadmill. I wasn't feeling a run so I walked at a BRISK pace for fifty-five minutes, with a five minute cooldown. I distracted myself by watching The Avengers. Nothing like Chris Hemsworth's arms to make me forget where I am.

The treadmill has been awesome. I am so glad I am able to use it when it's raining or I am home alone with the boys. Makes all the difference in the world.
No more excuses!

I didn't do weights yesterday, I will do them tonight, after my run. It's supposed to be just lovely out all day today so I'll either run with the boys in the stroller if they want to, or just run after they are in bed.

Look at me being all healthy and shit.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Are You Happy? Are You Satisfied?

Last night I did my first of three workouts this week. I ran three miles then headed to my gym (ie the basement) to work on some weights. I ended up beating myself up lifting for about forty-five minutes while I watched Inside Amy Schumer and Spring Baking Championship. A bit of a dichotomy there, right?

My run, the first one post half marathon, was GREAT! I am running a 5K on Saturday with the Guys so it was nice to know I could do a shake out run and feel this good.
The first mile went so well that I pushed myself extra hard for the second and third miles. During my first mile I just enjoyed the scenery. I pass this all the time, but usually have my timer going for my intervals and can't stop for a picture. (The stupid timer stops working if I take a picture, totally dumb) But, this time I didn't so I stopped.
The Guys think it's the doorway for a squirrel's house while I think it's for a fairy. We have fun debating it whenever we pass this tree.

Tonight Hubs has hockey so I will be running my three miles on the treadmill and participating in a May the Fourth Be With You Challenge. Can't beat that!

Monday, May 2, 2016

99 Red Balloons Go By/ Let's Move Festival of Races Half Marathon Recap

Ninth half marathon in the bag. Here's the recap:

Packet Pick-up
The half marathon was in my mom's neighborhood so she picked it up for me which was awesome. She said it was super easy to get through. I ended up with a long-sleeved tech shirt that says Half Marathon on it (the race had a marathon, half, and 5K so I like the special recognition), a bag, and a collapsible water bottle.

Again, right near my mom's house so I dropped the boys of with her and the dropped me off right near the starting line. The start was at 9:30AM which I honestly think was late for a half marathon. The start was not organized well. The 5K race start at 10 and a bunch of 5Kers were there. I couldn't even hear the announcements telling people to line up over the crowd noise. I just followed the pacers and lined up behind them

You know how you get a bad feeling about a race right before it starts? I looked at the people lined up, the hundred or so sleek, fast runners and thought, "Oh shit, this is going to be one of those races where I ended up running by myself for most of it."

I was right.

The course was great. I am a huge fan of races that are just one big loop. It is a bit disheartening to see the fast people on an out and back hitting Mile 8 or whatever when you are only on Mile 3. With a big loop I didn't see any of the fast runners.

Now, the rest of the race was my fault. I lined up behind the 2:45 pacers and made it a goal to keep them in sight. I did great for the first six miles. Then, I caught up to them and stupid me started running with them WITHOUT doing my walk/run of 30 sec walk/1:00 run. I lasted for over two miles like that, just running until my legs were all "hey Meg, eff off". I had to start back on my walk/run. It's funny, I will be the first person to tell you RUN YOUR OWN RACE it doesn't matter what the people around you are doing, do what you know. I stupidly didn't listen to my own self and I suffered the consequences on the last half on the race. Boo to that. Because if I had stuck to my guns, I bet I would have finished right around 2:45. Instead I struggled for the last two miles. Stupid, Meg, just stupid.

The course was nice, but very, very empty. Even running through neighborhoods, at 11 on a Saturday, there was no on around. I mean, no one, not people out in their years cheering, nothing. It was a bit twilight zoney, especially since Saturday morning was so lovely. Maybe they all knew the course would be in their 'hood and they skipped out.

There were water stations every 2.5 miles or so. Every water station had water and Gatorade. Supposedly one water station had Gu but I didn't see it being offered. I stuck with water for the most part, mixing some Gatorade with water around Mile 8. At one water station towards the end they ran out of water. Listen, course people, I was well ahead of the SIXTEEN MINUTE PER MILE pace requirement. It is completely unacceptable for a water station to run out of water. On top of that, the marathon was still going on, so there were potential marathoners (they ran two loops of the course) out there who wouldn't get water. I was pissed. Well, I would have been more pissed but I didn't have the energy.

I read two reviews on the race's Facebook page from marathoners complaining about not only the lack of food at the finish, but also the lack of even a race photographer. And we're talking two marathoners who finished under five hours with a 6.5 hour cut-off. Not cool.

Also, I just went through the photos and in doing that I realized there were NO photographers on the half marathon course. There were a shit ton of pictures of the 5K people but none of the half marathon. I get it, there are more 5K participants but come on!!
After the race I didn't bother with food or anything. I grabbed a cup of water from the finish line and my mom picked me up. I had to shower quickly and head off to a wedding where my husband was the best man. I have to tell you, that man looks GOOD in a tux.

I won't do this race again. First, there was the water stations running out and second, there was no food at the finish. I didn't even think of this, but there weren't bananas or bagels or anything. I had a ticket for free pizza but I'm glad I didn't try to use it because apparently the place that was offering the free pizza stopped offering it at noon and I didn't finish until almost 12:30.

I realize I am not a fast runner but I have ZERO respect or tolerance for a race that promotes itself to be friendly to all paces and then screws over the slower paces. In fact, the more I think about this, now that I'm not distracted by the wedding, the more upset I get. Honestly, when I turned the corner to the finish line it reminded me of a post-apocalyptic movie, an empty street with paper blowing in the wind and an empty finish line. I guess I should call myself lucky that I even got a medal!

However, the important thing here is I finished, I felt good, I danced the night away at a wedding. I highly recommend listening to Hamilton the musical while running long distances. It kept me smiling and moving when there was no one around.

I won't be running another half until the fall. I might run a few 10Ks here and there but for now my training will be on hold until half marathon training starts. Until then my goal is three three-five mile runs a week and plenty of strength training.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!