Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Are You Happy? Are You Satisfied?

Last night I did my first of three workouts this week. I ran three miles then headed to my gym (ie the basement) to work on some weights. I ended up beating myself up lifting for about forty-five minutes while I watched Inside Amy Schumer and Spring Baking Championship. A bit of a dichotomy there, right?

My run, the first one post half marathon, was GREAT! I am running a 5K on Saturday with the Guys so it was nice to know I could do a shake out run and feel this good.
The first mile went so well that I pushed myself extra hard for the second and third miles. During my first mile I just enjoyed the scenery. I pass this all the time, but usually have my timer going for my intervals and can't stop for a picture. (The stupid timer stops working if I take a picture, totally dumb) But, this time I didn't so I stopped.
The Guys think it's the doorway for a squirrel's house while I think it's for a fairy. We have fun debating it whenever we pass this tree.

Tonight Hubs has hockey so I will be running my three miles on the treadmill and participating in a May the Fourth Be With You Challenge. Can't beat that!


  1. I love the doorway, so cute!! And May the Fourth be with you my fine friend!

  2. Great run!! Way to bounce right back!!

  3. Those little doors are too cute! I love that they think the doors are for squirrels.