Friday, May 27, 2016

Beef Ragout, Cheese Souffle, Pie and Pudding En Flambe!

I am not much of a cook but I have to share with you my latest obsession.

Let me preface this by saying I am the last person to jump on food trends. I roll my eyes so hard when I read about Paleo and clean eating (seriously, that term has got to go away, clean eating implies other eating is dirty and somehow wrong and it just comes across of arrogant) that they should get stuck that way.

However, I am a carbaholic. It's bad, you guys. If I can find a way to get the feeling of carbs without the calories of carbs, I will go for it. Unfortunately, I don't really like cauliflower which seems to be the be all and end all substitute for carbs. Um, cauliflower crust does not taste like pizza crust.

I tired riced cauliflower instead of rice in a stir fry because I read a blogger who raved about it. I saw it at my local Trader Joe's and tossed a bag into my cart.

Um, good lord, it is the best.
Like I said, not a cauliflower fan, but the texture of this is PERFECT. I stir fry it with a bag of frozen veggies, add a little soyaki marinade, which also comes from TJ's, and I just want to make out with the whole thing. And it's just vegetables. Tons and tons of veggies. Next time I might scramble an egg and toss it in there. I made this a few nights ago and had it with Trader Joe's chickenless Orange Chicken. Don't judge me.

Now, whenever I go to TJ's I grab two bags of this. I am going to become a riced cauliflower hoarder. Tonight I'm going to try to make more of a Spanish rice with it with diced tomatoes, black beans, and green chilies. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Enjoy your long weekend!


  1. OMG! I did not know you could buy that. I've been making it in my food processor and it is a mess. Next time Trader Joes!

  2. I agree cauliflower crust tastes nothing like pizza crust, but I actually like it! I have to try riced cauliflower now. That stir fry sounds so good!!

  3. I looked for this at my Trader Joe's a while back and couldn't find it. That would be so much easier than chopping the cauliflower into rice myself, even with the food processor's help. Glad you're liking it!