Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's the Freakin' Weekend 'Bout to Have Me Some Fun

I'm having weird stomach issues: feeling overfull after only eating a little bit, some nausea, some wicked heartburn. (First person who asks me if I'm pregnant gets a kick in the shin!) I wanted to run last night but that wasn't going to happen. Hopefully this goes away soon.

I did manage to stay super active this weekend. Our city pool opened up on Saturday so we spent a couple of hours there on Saturday and again on Monday. The pool was jamming! I don't think I have ever seen it that busy. We usually go in the evenings when I get home from work and it's pretty dead. I have been debating signing up for the Masters Swim. It's from 6A to 7A and I know I can do it but I will miss out on mornings with my guys. Maybe I'll sign up for it when they're a little older. I did get a speedo, a swim cap, and new goggles so I will also be doing some laps in the evenings after the boys are in bed.

We had a bbq, and walked up to a parade, did lots of walking to the pool, really, we didn't stop moving for most of the weekend!

I changed things up for a bit and tried a pilates video on Friday. Seriously, y'all, I threw up a little bit during that video. It was a legs and core thing and I swear to god, the moves look super easy but the burn was real!!

With May rapidly ending and summer looming I am coming up with a personal challenge. My awesome fitness group will have our own thing, but for me I want to lose fifteen pounds this summer so I'm going for #15in3 (lose fifteen pounds by August 31). I tend to be way more active in the summer with just the boys alone so it's doable.  I've got this.

I'll take my measurements tonight but I already know I am improving as I moved up to the next heaviest weights in my free weights (fifteen pounders) and added weight to my bench press. We'll see if that is reflected in inches.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! It will be Friday soon!


  1. Are you pregnant? :p

    JK, bummer about the stomach issues. I've got something similar going on and it's very frustrating :/

  2. Way to go with the weights! That's a great mark of improvement.