Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mistress Mary Quite Contrary

I spent a good chunk of my Saturday turning my little veggie garden from this:
Into this:
I know, I know not very many plants. Funny thing, we used to do tomatoes, but usually tomatoes end up being so prolific we can't keep up. I enjoy a raw tomato occasionally, as does Hubs, but we get too many and they are wasted. Yes, I could jar them and make sauces, etc. But, since I usually barely have time to make our dinner, let alone pre-make sauce for future dinners, I decided to pass on tomatoes this year.

What you see in that picture are two zucchini plants and two cucumber plants. Fingers crossed those puppies turn out! I love me some cukes and I love zucchini. I want to have oodles of both. Hopefully there's plenty of room for them to grow!

I couldn't figure out why my back and arms were so sore on Sunday until I remembered the gardening. Ah yes.

May has FLOWN by. I'm going to do a measurement update in a few days, see how I am doing there. I need to do more strength training, but I have been getting down to my basement gym at least once a week this month, sometimes twice, which is more than previous months. I have also been utilizing the incline of my treadmill. I am going to crush those Cincinnati hills next spring!


  1. Oliver just told me this week that he loves zucchini bread, so now I'm thinking to adding that to my garden plans. I get overrun with tomatoes too. They're just so hard to keep up with!

  2. When the plants get bigger look into getting/Macbyvering a cucumber trellis. Saves your back and the veggies! Good luck with the garden!