Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Would You Capture It? Or Just Let It Slip?

Oh my god.

I am dumb.

I got caught up in the awesomenees that is my ladies group and all of a sudden I was entering numbers and filling shit out and then I got the email confirmation that told me I was signed up for this:
Uh, yeah, that says MARATHON.


Well, might as well come up with a training plan. I follow the Galloway method and he has an eight month plan for beginners. I might tweak it a bit but that sounds about right for me.

Holy shit.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! We race roofied you with feelings and emotions and endorphins and shit!! First of all, you will rock this race and we will be there during your training for you to bitch, unload, cheer, etc. Secondly, I cannot WAIT to meet you in person finally! So excited we're doing this!

  2. So excited we're doing this! We're with you all the way!