Friday, May 6, 2016

You've Got That Long Hair Slicked Back White T-Shirt

Two strength workouts and three run workouts done and all before Friday. I feel pretty accomplished!

Last night, I did not want to run. J had to run to the store to get me a mother's day present on a secret mission which meant I could either wait for him to get back or just use the dang treadmill. Treadmill it was.

This is my, it's beautiful outside but I am running indoors face:
The treadmill is in the basement so I couldn't even open a window and pretend I was outside! Such is life.

I sent a text to my friend who planned on running with me virtually. She'll  be at the 5K I'm running on Saturday. Then hit the rubber.
I have heard people say running on the treadmill is easier than running outdoors, at least easier on your body,  but man, it does not feel that way for me. The fifty plus minutes it took me to get through four miles felt like fifty hours. I tried to distract myself with the movie The Rock (yep cheesy, big budget action movie, sign me up!) but even Nic Cage couldn't save me. If I hadn't agreed to run four virtual miles with K. I probably would have stopped at three.

Then, it turns out, K ran out of time and had to cut her run short so she only ran three but I'm not bitter. A little bitter. Ok, a lot bitter.

I finished my workout off with thirty minutes of weights. Man, I am feeling every one of those weights today!

As for my weekend, I've got a busy one. Running a Mile Run with the guys and then a 5K immediately after. Taking the guys to a birthday party. Girl's Night for Mama. And Mother's Day celebrating with everyone on Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you're a mom or a dog mom or a mom-like person, happy mother's day. If you've lost your mom, extra hugs to you, I am thinking good thoughts for you!

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Anything fun planned?


  1. What a busy but fun weekend though! I try to do some tv (netflix) watching on the elliptical. That way when the episode is almost over, I know that my time is almost over on the elliptical. (I do love The Rock though!)

  2. Nice face. ;)

    I am also a fan of the big budget cheesy action movies. Especially the ones from the 90s! If Volcano or Independence Day or Twister comes on, I have to stop what I'm doing and sit down and watch. ;)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I find the treadmill harder in some ways because my form is different. I always get weird aches and pains if I'm on one for too long. Happy Mother's Day!