Monday, June 6, 2016

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk These are Just a Couple of My Cravings

One of my biggest struggles has always been to get enough protein in my diet. Before I was full on vegetarian (sorta pescatarian but my husband doesn't eat fish so really only if we go out to eat and it looks good) I didn't eat meat anyway, I just don't like the texture of it.

I can't drink protein shakes. Whey protein powder makes me gag. I wish there was a different way to describe it but there isn't. I can't even smell the stuff without getting queasy.

I searched vegan protein bars and powders online, since obviously something vegan won't have the whey in it. I found a couple of options but nothing carried in my local stores.

I found this at Trader Joe's yesterday.

If you aren't familiar with TJ's policy if you get something there that you don't like you can get your money back. You don't even need to bring in a receipt or the product, just tell guest services and boom, done. I figure if I am going to try a protein powder anywhere it might as well be here.

I went chocolate because vanilla flavored things usually make me gag. I know, I'm weird. I didn't have anything to make up a shake so I ended up adding it to my oatmeal. It's not bad. There is an aftertaste, for sure, and I can feel the powder on my tongue a little, but that might go away in a shake. I only added one tablespoon, serving size is four. So far my stomach seems ok and I can smell it without needing to chuck, wins all around!

I think I might pick up some chocolate milk, try mixing it with that and see how that goes. Wish me luck!

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  1. I love the Trader Joe's return policy. It makes it easier to discover things when there's no risk. I'm the same about fake vanilla things - it can get icky easily.