Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine

Yesterday was Global Running Day AND the first of the month. If it is possible I like to start the month off with a good run. I didn't last month because on April 30th I ran a half marathon. But, I had no excuses for June. Plus, GLOBAL RUNNING DAY!
Most of my race medals. The one in the middle is my marathon medal from 2010
Kinda wish this picture wasn't blurry 'cause I think my leg muscles are bangin' from this angle!

I know people talk about treadmills being easier than running outside, but man I would like to meet those people and find out how they do it. Maybe it's because I do the walk/run method or maybe it's because I hate the treadmill but either way the 3.1 miles I ran last night felt like a flippin' 10K at least!
Post-run passed out on the treadmill face
Then I did my usual weight workout for thirty minutes. Crushing the first day of June like a little bug.

I took my measurements last night. All of my measurements went down except my arm which actually went up an inch. I don't think that's right, my arms aren't beefing up enough to go up an inch and I'm certainly not gaining weight in my arms. We'll see what happens with that measurement next month.

I am ready to lose fifteen pounds this summer. Starting the month off with a killer workout really helped!

Happy June, everyone! Do you have any goals for the month? Feel free to share. I love cheering people on!!

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  1. Great start to your month! I find the treadmill harder in some ways too. I think my posture gets off on the treadmill, which makes all kinds of things ache.