Friday, July 29, 2016

Who Run the World?

My husband got upset with me when I used the term mansplaining the other day.

He's right. I hate to generalize about anyone, male or female, I am raising two boys who I hope will grow into the kind of men who don't mansplain. But at the same time I came up with this whole thought process.

Yes, it isn't exactly a nice term. Yes, it is a generalization. But, if  a man, Husband for example, can tell me honestly, he has ever had another man speak to him in a patronizing tone about something he has not requested information on and quite possibly ALREADY KNOWS, then I will concede and we can call it blowharding. Well, maybe not that.

Here's how you can find out if you are qualified to use the term MANSPLAIN:

1. HAve you ever been out for a walk or out for a run or just walking out to your car at night and found yourself hyper aware of your surroundings? Have you done any of this acitviites in an area known to be safe with your keys clenched in your hand in case you get attacked?

2. Have you ever been called sweetie or honey by a complete stranger while in a professional setting? Is that complete stranger of the opposite sex?


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For Only Love Can Conquer Hate

Between performing at a street fair in our area and walking around the street fair, I got almost 12,000 steps in on Friday. I said to myself, "Well, why not get on the treadmill and see if you can get in any more steps?"

So I did.
Obviously, I have hit 20,000 steps before (half marathons woo hoo!). But, this was my first time with my Fitbit so I'm pretty proud of myself.

I even managed to get in a run on Sunday. Funny thing, one of the guys in the show I am in sent me a text message and told me I inspired him to go for a run. Reading that inspired ME to go for a run. Three miles on Sunday felt so good! It wasn't my fastest three miles ever, but I ended up with an average pace of 11:54. I'm trying to throw some speed stuff in there since I am officially in Chicago Half Marathon training mode.

It's even cool enough I might be able to run outside this week! YAY to that!

Then there's this:
 I know the world has been struck by tragedy over the past few days. It breaks my heart into a million pieces and just when I think I have it back together again something comes along and shatters all my hard work. I am truly, truly sad. I've never written this blog to be political. For me, it's mostly a place for me to keep track of my weight loss and fitness efforts over the years. So, if you read posts from me that aren't about terrorist attacks or snipers killing off police officers it isn't because I am not thinking about them. Trust me, I am thinking about them. It's because this is my tiny little place on the internet. And as long as I control what is put into this tiny little space, I'm going to focus on the things that keep my world spinning, not the things that tear it apart.

Friday, July 15, 2016

She Is Broken and Won't Ask For Help

I go through weird phases when it comes to Netflix. For a while I hate watched a whole bunch of episodes of Cupcake Wars (seriously, that contest is rigged. I wonder how they figure out which baker is going to be the one to screw up each round). Then it was Property Brothers.

Right now I am on an NCIS thing.

Don't even get me started on the giant, huge crush I have on Mark Harmon.

OK, get me started.

It started when he looked like this:
I was waaay too young to have a crush on him, but man if my teachers looked like he did...
And then as an alcoholic in Chicago Hope:
Then NCIS:

Goodness, that man is aging well. Mind you, I am watching NCIS circa 2003 so I'm about 12 years behind the current season. Doesn't matter, I still love him.

I just completely distracted myself with these pictures.

Right, what I'm watching on Netflix! I don't think NCIS is an excellent piece of television. It's got a formula I enjoy, mostly, in the end they always catch the bad guy. And it's not super rapey and graphic.Works for me!

To keep up with my Fitbit I've been taking long walks through my neighborhood. Sometimes I'll walk the dog, but she's not so spry, so can't last that long. And when it's hot I take it easy on her.

Last night I needed 7000 more steps to hit my 10K step goal for the day. I put NCIS on, plugged in my headphones and started walking. I have to tell you, listening to a t.v. show, especially a procedural like NCIS is awesome. I don't really need to see much, you get the gist of what is going on just by the dialogue. Every now and then I would glance at my screen.

During my walk, I noticed a car out and about around my neighborhood. At first, I thought he was a pizza delivery guy. He didn't look that old, maybe in his late teens, early 20s. I didn't notice him again until I turned down a street leading me back home. His car had a muffler issue so I recognized it. Again, it didn't make me nervous, but it made me curious.

By now it was full dark, so I used the glow of my cell phone screen on the sidewalk. As I crossed the intersection the same car pulled up. "Pokemon Go?" he asked.

HA! I realized what it must have looked like. It was clear I had my cell phone on. I was wandering around the neighborhood, occasionally glancing at it. In the dark, with my hair up on top of my head and my t-shirt and shorts, it must have been hard to tell how old I was.

I half laughed and told him. "No, Fitbit."

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm Gonna Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home

I have two rehearsal free days off in a row and I am taking advantage of them.

Last night I cooked a real meal for what feels like the first time in ages. I made an unstuffed cabbage casserole with TVP instead of ground beef. It didn't have a ton of flavor, but I added a little salt and it was better. I pretty much through some rice, some tomato sauce, some diced tomatoes, and shredded cabbage into a casserole dish and baked it.

I use the bags of shredded cabbage from Trader Joe's so I don't even have to chop up cabbage. I am a damn genius! This will also be my lunch today.

After dinner I went for a run on the treadmill. I had a super crappy 5K at the end of June, partly due to heat and I don't know what else. It bummed me out, so last night I challenged myself to run my three miles as fast as I could.

It was awesome, I ended up with an average pace of 10:58 per mile! Of course by the end I was pretty much a dead woman running, thought my legs were going to fall off, and drenched in sweat. It was worth it!

Confession: I have to tell you, in the show I am in, I play an older version of a character. The younger version is about half my size, which sucks. I try not to let it get to me, we all come in different shapes and sizes, right? But, when I have to wear a costume similar to hers and she is all tiny and petite, I feel like a giant troll standing next to her. Blergh.

That's my troublesome thought for the day.

Friday, July 8, 2016

I Was Walking With My Feet Ten Feet Off of Beale

Yesterday I mall walked. Oh hell yeah I did.

Let me explain. I am in a musical at the end of this month and yesterday we were told we would get our bio pictures taken. These are the pictures that will be in the program, at least I am assuming they will be. I did my hair and make-up yesterday so I would look pretty for my picture.

That meant, after work and between rehearsal, I couldn't do my usual walking outside because it is hot and humid out and my hair and humidity are not friends.

So I walked around the mall.

But, wait, there's more. Before that, on my lunch, I walked around the big empty conference room space we have here.
And then after work I walked around the mall.

Then at rehearsal I danced (after I got my picture taken).

Then I got home and thought, eh, I will keep walking at home.

Then I realized I was doing really well on my steps so I kept walking.

Then I realized I was pretty exhausted and no matter how close I was to 20,000 steps there was no way I was going to make it happen by walking around my living room.

So I went to bed.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I'll Be Two Steps Behind You

Damn you, Fitbit for being so inspiring!

I made it home after rehearsal (which involved dancing yay calorie burn) and had only went up one flight of stairs. Fitbit suggests 10 flights a day.

So, I get home from work, look at the damn thing and think, Oh screw it, Meg, just walk up and down the stairs nine times.

Nine times is no joke. I clearly need to add more stairs in my life.

Anyone use the Fitbit One on the treadmill? I'm running on the 'Mill tonight and wonder how to best wear it so I can accurately track my movement.

I am aiming for a 20K step day today. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

One Step at a Time. One Hope, Then Another

I had rehearsal yesterday. The timing of it is such that when I have rehearsal after work I just stick around this side of town instead of driving home first.

Problem with that is I have a two hour break between work and rehearsal.

Yesterday, I ended up walking along the waterfront during that break instead of my usual thing: sit around and read. Part of it has to do with having the Fitbit and wanting to get some steps in on my Workweek Challenge. Part of it has to to do with feeling the need to be healthy.

 It's a good feeling.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just Own the Night Like the 4th of July

I finally caved and got a Fitbit. I enjoyed my Jawbone but after getting a replacement and then having said replacement die on me I was less than impressed. Plus, all of my friends have Fitbits and if your friend jumps off a bridge you do, too. Wait, that's not right.

I ended up with the One. Got it on Groupon, refurbished so eh, but it's got a 90 day warranty. Keep your fingers crossed. Figure if I love it and this helps me I will bite the bullet and get the more expensive Blaze. My Garmin also quit on me this summer. I'm fine for short runs but once I start marathon training in the fall I'll need a GPS watch.

Stepping here I come!

I spent the long holiday weekend on a vacation with my family. In Michigan if I say, "we went Up North" you would get what I mean. It basically means heading anywhere north of the city you live in. For some people going Up North is less than an hour drive. For others, it's an eight hour drive. Our Up North trip was only two and a half hours away. Perfect amount of time to be in the car with the Guys.

They had a blast. It was hard to get steps in. I didn't bring any running gear on purpose, I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could without stressing about a workout. I did spend a good forty minutes swimming in the river which was a blast and a great calorie burn. Plus, there were two full flights of steps down to the dock, and we went up and down those a whole bunch all weekend long!

We came back Sunday night so we could spend the 4th in our little town. Our city puts on a great parade and fireworks on the 4th. Boys enjoyed the parade. But, after spending the afternoon swimming at an aunt's house, by the time we got home ALL of use were too tired for fireworks. No worries, they don't know what they missed.

Now to focus on July goals.

1. Get at least 20,000 steps three times a week. The rest get 10K.
2. Strength train three times a week.
3. No fast food!

How about you? Any goals for July?