Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For Only Love Can Conquer Hate

Between performing at a street fair in our area and walking around the street fair, I got almost 12,000 steps in on Friday. I said to myself, "Well, why not get on the treadmill and see if you can get in any more steps?"

So I did.
Obviously, I have hit 20,000 steps before (half marathons woo hoo!). But, this was my first time with my Fitbit so I'm pretty proud of myself.

I even managed to get in a run on Sunday. Funny thing, one of the guys in the show I am in sent me a text message and told me I inspired him to go for a run. Reading that inspired ME to go for a run. Three miles on Sunday felt so good! It wasn't my fastest three miles ever, but I ended up with an average pace of 11:54. I'm trying to throw some speed stuff in there since I am officially in Chicago Half Marathon training mode.

It's even cool enough I might be able to run outside this week! YAY to that!

Then there's this:
 I know the world has been struck by tragedy over the past few days. It breaks my heart into a million pieces and just when I think I have it back together again something comes along and shatters all my hard work. I am truly, truly sad. I've never written this blog to be political. For me, it's mostly a place for me to keep track of my weight loss and fitness efforts over the years. So, if you read posts from me that aren't about terrorist attacks or snipers killing off police officers it isn't because I am not thinking about them. Trust me, I am thinking about them. It's because this is my tiny little place on the internet. And as long as I control what is put into this tiny little space, I'm going to focus on the things that keep my world spinning, not the things that tear it apart.


  1. I also chose to not post about the events that are ripping our country apart. We all know it's happening and we all know that there are some major problems. I am choosing to focus on making me a better person...and in doing that it trickles down and affects those around me...making them better...which in theory trickles further.....

  2. Oops and I forgot to say....woohoo for inspiring someone else to run!!!!! And double woohoo for being inspired to run again!!!

  3. Congrats on the steps and the run!! Great job, motivating others!!

  4. Isn't it funny how knowing you're motivating others can motivate you? It becomes this great cycle of positivity which is so desperately needed! Way to go!