Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just Own the Night Like the 4th of July

I finally caved and got a Fitbit. I enjoyed my Jawbone but after getting a replacement and then having said replacement die on me I was less than impressed. Plus, all of my friends have Fitbits and if your friend jumps off a bridge you do, too. Wait, that's not right.

I ended up with the One. Got it on Groupon, refurbished so eh, but it's got a 90 day warranty. Keep your fingers crossed. Figure if I love it and this helps me I will bite the bullet and get the more expensive Blaze. My Garmin also quit on me this summer. I'm fine for short runs but once I start marathon training in the fall I'll need a GPS watch.

Stepping here I come!

I spent the long holiday weekend on a vacation with my family. In Michigan if I say, "we went Up North" you would get what I mean. It basically means heading anywhere north of the city you live in. For some people going Up North is less than an hour drive. For others, it's an eight hour drive. Our Up North trip was only two and a half hours away. Perfect amount of time to be in the car with the Guys.

They had a blast. It was hard to get steps in. I didn't bring any running gear on purpose, I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could without stressing about a workout. I did spend a good forty minutes swimming in the river which was a blast and a great calorie burn. Plus, there were two full flights of steps down to the dock, and we went up and down those a whole bunch all weekend long!

We came back Sunday night so we could spend the 4th in our little town. Our city puts on a great parade and fireworks on the 4th. Boys enjoyed the parade. But, after spending the afternoon swimming at an aunt's house, by the time we got home ALL of use were too tired for fireworks. No worries, they don't know what they missed.

Now to focus on July goals.

1. Get at least 20,000 steps three times a week. The rest get 10K.
2. Strength train three times a week.
3. No fast food!

How about you? Any goals for July?


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  2. I just want you to know that my husband and I consider where you live to be "up north." ;)

    Love the family picture!

  3. Those are great goals for the month - I particularly like 20K three times a week. It seems like a stretch, but attainable - perfect for a goal! Love the family pic!