Wednesday, July 6, 2016

One Step at a Time. One Hope, Then Another

I had rehearsal yesterday. The timing of it is such that when I have rehearsal after work I just stick around this side of town instead of driving home first.

Problem with that is I have a two hour break between work and rehearsal.

Yesterday, I ended up walking along the waterfront during that break instead of my usual thing: sit around and read. Part of it has to do with having the Fitbit and wanting to get some steps in on my Workweek Challenge. Part of it has to to do with feeling the need to be healthy.

 It's a good feeling.


  1. Awesome job on making the healthy choice (although for me reading would have been waaaaay tempting!!)

  2. OK, let's figure out when we can hang out together during one of your breaks. I'll bring my Garmin and we'll walk together!

  3. That's a great feeling :) Good job!