Friday, July 15, 2016

She Is Broken and Won't Ask For Help

I go through weird phases when it comes to Netflix. For a while I hate watched a whole bunch of episodes of Cupcake Wars (seriously, that contest is rigged. I wonder how they figure out which baker is going to be the one to screw up each round). Then it was Property Brothers.

Right now I am on an NCIS thing.

Don't even get me started on the giant, huge crush I have on Mark Harmon.

OK, get me started.

It started when he looked like this:
I was waaay too young to have a crush on him, but man if my teachers looked like he did...
And then as an alcoholic in Chicago Hope:
Then NCIS:

Goodness, that man is aging well. Mind you, I am watching NCIS circa 2003 so I'm about 12 years behind the current season. Doesn't matter, I still love him.

I just completely distracted myself with these pictures.

Right, what I'm watching on Netflix! I don't think NCIS is an excellent piece of television. It's got a formula I enjoy, mostly, in the end they always catch the bad guy. And it's not super rapey and graphic.Works for me!

To keep up with my Fitbit I've been taking long walks through my neighborhood. Sometimes I'll walk the dog, but she's not so spry, so can't last that long. And when it's hot I take it easy on her.

Last night I needed 7000 more steps to hit my 10K step goal for the day. I put NCIS on, plugged in my headphones and started walking. I have to tell you, listening to a t.v. show, especially a procedural like NCIS is awesome. I don't really need to see much, you get the gist of what is going on just by the dialogue. Every now and then I would glance at my screen.

During my walk, I noticed a car out and about around my neighborhood. At first, I thought he was a pizza delivery guy. He didn't look that old, maybe in his late teens, early 20s. I didn't notice him again until I turned down a street leading me back home. His car had a muffler issue so I recognized it. Again, it didn't make me nervous, but it made me curious.

By now it was full dark, so I used the glow of my cell phone screen on the sidewalk. As I crossed the intersection the same car pulled up. "Pokemon Go?" he asked.

HA! I realized what it must have looked like. It was clear I had my cell phone on. I was wandering around the neighborhood, occasionally glancing at it. In the dark, with my hair up on top of my head and my t-shirt and shorts, it must have been hard to tell how old I was.

I half laughed and told him. "No, Fitbit."


  1. You're never too old for Pokémon Go. :) Or to young to appreciate the hotness of Mark Harmon. Yum. There's some movie set in California - the Presidio maybe? that started my crush on him.

  2. I never got into NCIS. Maybe once I finish Gilmore Girls and Blue Bloods!

  3. You forgot Moonlighting! Or maybe you never watched it. That's where I first discovered him. *swoon*

    Your Pokemon thing made me laugh!