Friday, July 29, 2016

Who Run the World?

My husband got upset with me when I used the term mansplaining the other day.

He's right. I hate to generalize about anyone, male or female, I am raising two boys who I hope will grow into the kind of men who don't mansplain. But at the same time I came up with this whole thought process.

Yes, it isn't exactly a nice term. Yes, it is a generalization. But, if  a man, Husband for example, can tell me honestly, he has ever had another man speak to him in a patronizing tone about something he has not requested information on and quite possibly ALREADY KNOWS, then I will concede and we can call it blowharding. Well, maybe not that.

Here's how you can find out if you are qualified to use the term MANSPLAIN:

1. HAve you ever been out for a walk or out for a run or just walking out to your car at night and found yourself hyper aware of your surroundings? Have you done any of this acitviites in an area known to be safe with your keys clenched in your hand in case you get attacked?

2. Have you ever been called sweetie or honey by a complete stranger while in a professional setting? Is that complete stranger of the opposite sex?


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