Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Doctor, Doctor Gimme the News

A selfie a day keeps the doctor away.

Wait, no, that's not it.

I'm doing a new thing along with some women in my fitness group. We're going to take daily selfies to help with our weight loss. I slacked over July, just let the heat, the stress from rehearsal, etc get to me. But, not this month. August, you are mine!

I crushed it last night. I ran two miles on the treadmill. Ended up with some hip pain so stopped running but kept walking until I ended up with over 21,000 steps last night. It helped I was super invested in the Great British Bake Off episode I was watching. And then continued to be into Walk Tall with Dwayne The Rock Johnson who was about half his current size in that movie. Man, I love me a crappy action flick.

I got a little notebook, as well as other fun prizes, when I won a reading contest at our local library. I decided to use the notebook to jot down feelings I have about things going on in my life that I maybe don't want to share with the internet.
Tonight I will walk on the treadmill once the boys are in bed and get up early tomorrow morning to go for a run outdoors. Hopefully the hip issues just stem from running on the treadmill and are not an actual issue. Fingers crossed!


  1. I hope it's just the treadmill. I always feel a little off when I'm on the treadmill (which - ugh! - I have to do today since it was storming this morning)

  2. That's interesting, a daily selfie. Is that so you can see your weight loss or just your activity? I like that idea!
    Awesome job on all those steps!