Friday, August 5, 2016

Every Breath You Take, I'll Be Watching You

Things I Am Currently Obsessed With

Stranger Things
If you have not watched this on Netflix, I highly recommend you start. Do you love all things 80s? Do you love awesome child actors? Do you want to see Winona Ryder doing something other than get busted shoplifting? Watch this. It's sci-fi with a bit of scare to it, some jumping out stuff. I hate horror movies and I like it.

My Fitbit and Fitbit Challenges
There is nothing like getting that little notice: It's time for a walk, you're only 864 steps behind Bob to really get me off my ass.

I don't love a peach, sometimes the furry flesh skeeves me out. But I will take a nectarine any day of the week. I also am an odd duck and like them slightly under ripe. I like things firm. Which sounds dirty.

Wow, I thought this list would be longer.

Ah well, it's Friday. I'm allowed to have mush brain.

Enjoy your weekend! Any plans?


  1. I've heard good things about Stranger Things. Good to know it isn't super scary. I don't do horror at all, but I do love the 80s. I may have to put that on my list!

  2. LOVED ST (as you know) and thinking about rewatching it because I have nothing else to watch (after the olympics of course...) :D