Monday, August 22, 2016

Lazy Sunday Wake Up in the Late Afternoon

Saturday was still  bloody humid 'round here so we played inside.
Pretty sure I am the blanket fort master.

At some point in the night on Saturday, I wouldn't know when since I was asleep by ten, the humidity broke. It was nothing but cool breezes and cool temps come Sunday morning. You know what that meant?


I am getting used to the treadmill but nothing beats a great outdoor run. I left for my run about 8:30AM and was home just after 10:00AM. When I ran in the sun it was a little warm, but there was a great breeze and I live in a super shady neighborhood. It was awesome!
The first mile was a little jacked up because my timer and my music both had a hard time working together. Plus I got a text message from my mom who was coming over, asking about what kind of bagels we wanted. Since I had three kids (my own plus a nephew who spent the night) who wanted bagels, I had to stop and respond to her.

It was supposed to be an easy run, which I did great at for the first three miles. Then I needed to speed up just to get home and I also wanted to get some negative splits. Looks like I accomplished that goal.

A friend is running a diet bet, not an online one, but one she herself created. It's ten bucks and the top three biggest losers all win money. We had to take a full body shot.
I blame the weird angle on my husband
A couple of things: I don't actually hate the way I look in this. This is pretty much right after my run, which explains the flushed cheeks and crazy hair. But bodywise, I'm actually OK with this pic. And this is the BEFORE photo!

I finished my MFP logging in last night and saw this:


  1. Looks like a great run! Isn't it great to not hate the way you look in a picture?!