Monday, August 15, 2016

My Buddy and Me

I got my first long run of this half marathon training cycle (oops) in on Saturday. It was a five mile treadmill run interrupted by the occasional stop to keep my children from beating each other up referee. When I was done running, A. stood on the treadmill, then asked me to make it go. So we walked on it at a setting of 0.5. Funny thing, anyone else who runs on their treadmill are you super paranoid about the kids being around it? I yelled "don't get too close" so often, the boys started saying, "We're not too close!" as they came down the basement stairs.
The miserable hot heat passed just the tiniest of bits on Sunday. The boys rode their trikes up to the park. There's a track right next to the park I like to use for speed work It was too hot to run outside, plus a rest day for me, but A. really wanted to race.
He won.

I ran three times last week and lifted weights twice. This week my goal is four days of running and three days of lifting. Completely doable, plus if the weather is nicer (as in not 98% humidity) I should be able to run outside woot woot!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I would be the same about the treadmill. I had a neighbor bring her son to my house once when he got his finger caught in the treadmill belt and a lot of the skin got pulled off, poor baby. I directed him to the ER and they got it cleaned so it healed well, but it definitely reminded me why I was wary of getting one while O was little.