Thursday, February 9, 2017

And Our Hearts They Beat As One, No More Love on the Run

My weekend was a good one, mostly because I sought solace in retail therapy. I ended up buying a lot of stuff--stuff I needed--but still, stuff which always makes me nervous. I don't know what it is, do I somehow think I don't deserve to spend money on me? Sidetrack, sorry.

One of the important things I purchased were these puppies:
Now I am a Saucony woman. I have worn them for years. I went to Rundetroit because I had gift certificates and heard great things about them. Everything I heard was true. I had the owners undivided attention for at least a half hour. He had me try on one of each shoe when deciding between two. He watched me run and talked about my form. The Saucony I wore were for overpronating and he said that he didn't notice it, nor were my other shoes worn out, and suggested a neutral shoe. Which is how I ended up with the Brooks.

I love them. Aren't they pretty? If you live in the area, I highly recommend the store. They do a group run every Saturday at 8AM, and someday I might work me nerve up to join them.

He said the shoe would be find to break in with any distance run, so I woke up early Sunday morning and joined my friend for a 10.5 mile long run.

The shoes felt great!

I met a friend at the metropark at 7AM and the parking lot was empty, except for one other car. By the time we were done, it was this full. Most of those cars belong to runners or walkers. How cool is that?

I felt good after the run, good enough to smile for a selfie.
That's a frozen lake behind me. And a telephone pole in my head.
I'm glad I ran on Sunday, the weather was perfect, low 30's. I mean that's not really perfect, but it was great for the run and at no time was I freezing my butt off.

Got home and prepped for a Super Bowl party. I will not speak of the Super Bowl because I was in the ANYONE BUT THE CHEATING PATRIOTS fandom.

This week I've conquered my training runs AND did a bit of cross training. Last night I pulled out my stair stepper, dusted it off, and spend 20 minutes doing a little bit of hill training.
As I work my way up to the longer distances, I still feel pretty good about this. I keep double checking the marathon cut off time. It is a 16 minute per mile pace cut off. I just did my 10.5 with an average 13:45 per mile pace and felt good. We'll see how that goes as I add miles.  So far so good on the training! I can do this!


  1. Awesome progress! I'm a Brooks girl, myself, and those are LOVELY!! What model are they? I wear Ariels, and they are generally ... er...less than colorful. :/

  2. I seriously am in love with those shoes! I love Saucony too but the pair of brooks that I had worked great as well. One day I may get another pair.

    Oh and Billy Ocean is da bomb yo.

  3. You can absolutely do this! I always get the same thrill at seeing all of the other active people out in the park in the winter. :)