Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Zoom Lens Feelings Just Won't Disappear

I like to call this one:

A Month in Pictures

In January I ran 40 miles. I aimed for 50, but between two vacations, and the crap weather the 40 will just have to be enough.

Good news, I only missed two training runs!

J and I went to Chicago for our official anniversary celebration. A few months ago I was able to snag tickets to Hamilton. Trust me when I tell you this, it was worth every single penny. If it goes on tour near you GO SEE IT!

You can actually order a drink called the Hamilton. And they come in nifty cups you can keep!

We had fantastic seats and even now if I close my eyes I can picture the show!

We got in to Chicago on a Friday evening, did some exploring Saturday morning, then saw the show. I know I literally just said it but GO SEE HAMILTON!.

Then we were home, and I ran and made healthy food. ZOODLES FOR THE WIN!

#headlamp selfie
 And before we knew it, it was on to our second vacation of the month. Not sure if we should have taken all of our time so early in the year.

My best friend lives in Florida so we took a family trip down to the Tampa Bay area and had a blast. Even J, who had no desire to "sit on the beach all day" had fun.

We went to Clearwater Aquarium one day. It's much more an animal hospital than an aquarium, but the boys loved it. Especially the part where they got to pet stingrays (stinger removed).
We came back to that part four or five times. The bathrooms were near it so anytime we went to the bathroom, we had to stop for a quick pet. It was really cool. According to A., stingrays feel like wet lemons.

I got two runs in, which were great. The first one got interrupted by a sudden downpour.
The second one, was lovely the entire time. I had to take a picture because FLOWERS IN JANUARY just made my day. Not to mention, I also wore SHORTS on my run!
I'm glad I was able to run because my best friend is a pastry chef. You know what that means, right?
She brought desserts to our hotel every night. Thankfully, J ate most of them. I had little tastes, but he took one for the team and finished them all off.

We had one day of terrible winds and bad weather, but even that couldn't keep our spirits down.
The highlight of the trip, aside from all the best friend time I got, was going to the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach. It's free and if you are in the area I highly recommend it. They also have a stingray petting pool. The first time we went, we could see a bunch off in the distance, then when we went down the pier part, we saw one up close.
Seriously, the majestic sea cow is my frickin' spirit animal! They are just so awesome.

On our last full day there, L took the day off and we all hung out. We went to see the manatees again. It was a cooler day, and usually the colder it is the more manatees show up (the center is on Tampa Electric property and the reason the manatees go there is because of an outtake water thing the shoots out warm water). Unfortunately, there just weren't that many there. We went to a little nature preserve to eat our picnic lunch. It wasn't much, but we followed a trail that led us to a little bay. The boys loved it, they played in the sand and water and got completely drenched. We saw some people fishing and suddenly, I saw the tell tale sign of a manatee (a swirl in the water) and a head popped up. Then more and more kept coming and frolicking and it was THE BEST! Of course the boys, all caught up in their sand, they didn't even notice. And now for your manatee overload photos of the day.
The picture doesn't do justice to just how close they were.

Popping up to breathe. The boys thought it sounded like J snoring.

What manatees? We've got mucky sand to play with and enjoy!

The little bumps are about six or seven of them just rolling over each other
It was a great way to end our trip, that's for sure. We came back to cold and snow in Michigan but when have I let that keep me down?!?

Now it's February. I have my new training calendar all set to go.
I've got some long runs planned, hopefully with some friends to keep me company. I am going to kick butt at my eating and work outs. I'm cross training with a fun spin class that beats the crap out of me.

As of today I have 95 days until my marathon. Let's do this!


  1. The heck?! Where did my comment go…? OK, I'll do it again.

    I can't believe it's only 95 days until your marathon! You're going to be awesome! I loved this post, and all the pictures ( of course ). I'm not a musical fan, but so many people have said so many great things about Hamilton, I'm really becoming intrigued. Plus, history!! ;)

    I love that your friend brought desserts to your hotel every day. That's just freaking awesome!! I need a friend like that. ;)

  2. I LOVE manatees too. They are so cute and fat. Love the vacation pics and I'm so jelly that you got to see Hamilton! I'll have to check and see if it's coming to Nola on tour! SQUEEE about the marathon!