Monday, March 20, 2017

And If The Elevator Tries to Bring You Down

I am a running machine.

I did all my runs this week. I even had time for some cross training (yeah spin class) and some weights.

I managed to do six on the treadmill even though it was SOOOOO BOOOOORING.

What? You don't use hockey tape and a gift bag to block the time and distance on your treadmill?
After a week of successful training, I am feeling good.

Of course, I say all this knowing I have a twenty mile run on Sunday.

That's right, folks, Mama's about to hit the twenties.


Let me give you a couple of comparisons so everyone can collectively freak out with me.

Distance from my house to work: 17.2 miles
Distance from my house to my mom's house: 25.9 miles
Length of Manhattan: 13.4 miles
Length of Lake Shore Dr in Chicago: 21.1 miles
Distance from Florida to Cuba: 110 miles
Distance from Key Largo to Key West: 97.2 miles
Length of the Grand Canyon: 277 miles

I am running almost the distance from my house to my mom's, well over the length of Manhattan, further than my daily commute, further than the entirety of Lake Shore Dr, 1/5 the distance of the Florida Keys...and almost 1/5 the distance from Florida to Cuba.


It's cool. I can do this. No big deal.


This is my second to last long run. After this, I run 23 in mid-April and then I begin my taper.

Is it really April next month? What the hell happened to March?!?!

One last thing, I can't help but share my delicious breakfast from yesterday. Avocado toast with poached eggs. YUM!

Friday, March 10, 2017

I Can't Drive 55

Trust the training.

Can you all repeat it with me?


Because I just did the math and the marathon is in 55 days.

That's not that long.

That's really short.

Holy crap.

I'm not freaking out, you are!

It doesn't help that this is a step back week. After the 17 miles last week, I only do a long run of 5 miles this week. ONLY. HA! You know you're marathon training when five miles sounds like nothing.

I have got to focus on my cross training. I did weights on Wednesday and feel pretty good about it. Arms and legs and 15 minutes on my stair stepper in five minute intervals. I am ashamed to admit how long it has been since I have lifted a weight. Ah, well. Get back into it, that's all I can do.

Trust the training. Trust the cross training.

Trust that you will have friends spread out through the course to get you over the finish line.

Monday, March 6, 2017

And All of the Ghouls Come Out to Play

My thoughts while running 17 miles yesterday:

One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other.

One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other.

Oooh look, a pretty sunrise.

Hamilton really does make running a lot easier.

Oh no, sad part. Choking up while running is not easy.

Potty break! (Hugs to the boys. No, Mama cannot get you a fruit bar right now, I am literally running in the door to pee and filling up my water bottle. Love you. See you in a little while!)

Wow, not even halfway there, huh?

Oh no, Hamilton ended! I need you, Lin-Manuel!
OK, just put Hamilton back on again.

Nope, it doesn't have the same effect and my legs are like lead and this run is never, ever going to end.


Three miles left. Three miles. That's a 5K. You can run a 5K in your sleep.

Switch to the running playlist and hope some good songs distract.

Praise Jesus, Florence + the Machine "Shake It Out" just lifted my spirits. Let's keep this up, running playlist.

Longest two miles ever.

Longest 1.5 miles ever.

One mile to go. You got this!

Is that the house? Oh my god, it's the house. I'm not crying, you are!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

And the Saints Go Marching In

In like a lion out like a lamb, right?

We had unseasonably warm weather in February and all of a sudden March was all "don't get too comfy, suckers!" and we had snow and wind and cold last night and into this morning. Happy almost spring!

February wasn't a complete bust for running. I missed some weekly runs because of sickness and time crunches, but got ALL of my long runs in. I use Smashrun to track my mileage. It's the free version, although I find myself debating the merits of the paid one. I logged my last run on Tuesday and got this badge:
I like that. It's true for any sort of exercise. February is a tough month. But, if you got up early in the cold and went to the gym to swim or lift weights or even just got up early in your own house and did yoga...whatever you did, you just conquered the month!

I printed out my March calendar and I have this looming ahead of me:
That is Sunday's 17 miler. I wouldn't be as nervous about it if my running partner wasn't out of town for the next few weeks. Gotta get up early, drive to where we usually run because it's great for training with sorta rolling hills. And then I have to run 17 miles. By myself.

I've got plans to listen to Hamilton because Hamilton makes my heart and feet happy. But that's only two hours long. What do I listen to after that? Any suggestions? We're looking at four hours of running here...

Four hours. Puts things in perspective when you say that. The cut off for Flying Pig is seven hours. I was talking to a friend about that and he said, "Damn, I can't imagine running for seven hours."

Oh shit, I'm going to be running for seven hours. That's almost a full day of work!

I'm going to go back and think of things in manageable little segments. I can do this. I am training properly for this one. I have practiced with my fuel and my water bottle and I will be just fine.